• Is This A Joke?

    Are you serious? Holocaust victims went through so much and for it to be denied that countless lives were taken is simply ridiculous. I would never let someone deny anything as harsh as the holocaust. I don't think the families of those people would respect behavior like that. May they rest in peace.

  • Hello? Are you kidding?

    Well obviously it was a tremendously awful event and the people who had to go through it should not have this made to be nothing. People who belittle this experience are obviously heartless and have never been through anything hard in their lives. And obviously are heartless beast who don't know what's right.

  • Denying Should Be Illegal.

    The holocaust was documented through history. Has been proven and shown evidence that the massive extermination of Jews in 1933 through 1945 did happen, during world war II. Why deny such massive event when all of the evidence is there? That just shows racism and disrespect towards the Jews. Even though that was a cruel tragedy, we are humans and should be equal, and should not let history be denied by ignorant people.

  • Denial of holocaust should be illegal

    If people deny the holocaust, Its very likely that people in history might repeat the mistake made by the Germans. The wound made is to big to cover up the scar. It is impossible for for people to cover up the more than hundreds and thousands of Jews mass grave without leaving any trace or evidence behind.

    Posted by: ASA
  • Denial of holocaust should be illegal

    If people deny the holocaust, Its very likely that people in history might repeat the mistake made by the Germans. The wound made is to big to cover up the scar. It is impossible for for people to cover up the more than hundreds and thousands of Jews mass grave without leaving any trace or evidence behind.

  • No, not at all.

    While I don't agree with holocaust deniers, I will defend their right to freedom of thought. Many of these deniers do tend to bring up some sort of solid argument too. For example, there have been some reports from survivors that there were things like theaters, and libraries. Sometimes quartets would play for the inmates, etc.

    I don't necessarily deny the holocaust, but I think it's wrong that making such observations is frowned upon, and possibly illegal in many parts of the world.

    Don't criminalize thought, ever.

  • Yes it should be

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  • It shouldn't be illegal.

    Denying the holocaust is foolish and completely idiotic, however I believe in the freedom of speech. Who cares if they deny it, they will suffer. We know it happened and we should respect the victims and their families. Whoever denies it is a fool but I wouldn't make it illegal.

  • Of course yes

    Holocaust denial is not only telling us that know of the holocaust but people that don't and which is harder to believe Hitler and the mass murder of six million Jews or just Hitler being good guy. This should not even an issue hands down. Its an easy thing to decide

  • Yes, it's dangerous

    The fact is that some of what we know happened during the Holocaust violates the laws of physics. For example, it is impossible to bury the bodies of hundreds of thousands of Jews at a camp like Treblinka without leaving evidence of having dug a mass grave large enough to hold that many bodies. That's just one example. If people are allowed to publicize the inconsistencies and exaggerations that are present in much of the historical record or if it were to become well known that everything we know about gas chambers is based on testimony from five or six eyewitnesses, the Holocaust could easily lose it's unique status. Clearly the effect on the Jewish community if we were perceived to be liars by the Gentiles would be substantial which is why exposing the truth can only be motivated by antisemitism. There is no possible justification for making it legal for haters to promote their hatred of the Jews.

  • How can you make stupidity illegal?

    If people want to look like crazy ignorant fools, they have freedom to do so. Even if the denial of the Holocaust is made illegal, we wouldn't be able to prevent people from THINKING so. I think it is fair for individuals to maintain their constitutional rights, as long as whole governments remain objective and regulate education regarding this atrocity so newer generations won't get influenced by the holocaust deniers.

  • No!!

    While it is not a pretty thing to aknowledge. It did happen. To say anything other wise is a slap in the face to the many many victims that lost there lives over it. We have a duty to honor these people. It takes guts to admit it happened. It would be easy to sweep it under the rug, but it isnt right.

  • No, it should not be illegal

    The denial of the holocaust should not be illegal. That would take away yet another freedom of ours; freedom of speech. Obviously the intelligent people know that the holocaust happened, and the ignorant ones are the ones who deny it. Let them keep living in their denial, but don't make it illegal.

  • It shouldn't be illegal in the US because that would be unconstitutional.

    For even in the U.S. there are laws against "hate speech" and freedom of expression does not extend to shouting "fire" in a movie theater. In this part of the world, there is a never-ending fear the resurgence of the types of beliefs that led to the Holocaust in the first place. There is an old phrase that says: "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." . In which case, Holocaust denial almost qualifies as hate speech and is a threat to national security as well as threatening to blow up a plane will get you arrested in the U.S., even if you have no explosive .

  • No, denial of the holocaust should not be illegal.

    Letting people deny the holocaust allows them to show the world how ignorant they are. The holocaust is well documented through history, first hand accounts and survivors. People who deny the holocaust use it as cover for their own internal racism. Denying the holocaust is akin to denying the moon landing, it let's everyone else know to avoid that person.

  • No, it already is illegal in Europe. It's targets history professors

    Making any historical event illegal will hurt academia. History professors in Europe are serving prison sentences right now, because they discovered that the claims of humans being turned into lamp shades, soap, and gas chambers were unfounded. They still admit that millions died, the Germans committed "war crimes". It's a slippery slope. These laws allow these professors to be silenced, labeled a holocaust denier, and have their lives ruined all for believing that truth is more important than being sensitive to a controversial issue.

  • No to Group Think

    Incarcerating people for their expressing their thoughts is a slippery slope into totalitarianism. I have no idea why some illogical people feel that it is important to deny all the historical evidence that shows the eradication of European Jewry as well as the gypsies, homosexuals and other unfortunates deemed undesirable by the German state under Hitler, but it absolutely should not be considered a crime. Unless a holocaust denier is galvanizing others to commit acts of violence, their ideas have little impact in the social world other than to show that they themselves are deluded.

  • Jews aren't special

    You can deny what ever you want and offend anyone you want. For some reason jews think they are special and nobody should be allowed to offend them. The holocaust is a collection of jewish lies. Jewish communists murdered far more innocent Christians, why isn't that remembered. Oh ya the government is owned by jews.

  • I am Hitler

    They all must burn is what I would of said is I gassed the Jews but I did not the gassed them selves so they can get recognized burn them the Jews said they killed all my Germans an stole thee cloths and pretend to be Germans they are framing me I loved Jews

  • Questioning facts and freedom of speech

    Is an important right of human people regardless of their intentions. Tell me of ANY questioning of such event that happened that harmed anyone? You wont find anything. There is no evidence of gas chambers, thusly it grows into question as to if and how, in such large masses, were Jews exterminated, is an academic question at best. No one is demoralizing anyone or inciting hatred; history and facts az well az evidence changes... And as such we should amend and revise history regardless of the intentions. If people wish to call it inciting hatred then let them live in sheer ignorance. The International Red Cross did its intense body count in 1945 to a few hundred thousands, without any mention of gas chambers as the cause in ALL camps... Why is this never mentioned?

    If you suppress freedom of speech based on loose evidence that is questioned, you are suppressing research, and ultimately, the truth: it shows you don't want them to dig too deep to find out there are discrepancies to justify how post-Holocaust events have been dismissed when the Holocaust comes up especially towards Israel, the largest Jewish community to promote hatred and isolationism through the Holocaust. People are making money off the Holocaust nowadays
    ... Shouldn't that be illegal instead?

    Keep an open and rational mind.

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