Should Denmark grant Greenland its independence?

Asked by: Adam2
  • The KKK powers that be in Copenhagen should grant them their independence.

    I think the arrogant absolute monarchs in Copenhagen should give them their independence. OK, they're not absolute monarchs, but Danish society is very repressive. I think that Greenland is owed independence. I think Denmark violates every UN law, and I'll even suggest that Denmark should be kicked out of the UN until they play by the rules.

  • Eh eh eh

    Not saying no to your question but taking a step further and disagreeing with the whole nationalistic ideologies. We all belong to one planet, I think when we start to say I'm Brazillian, American, German it creates a division between you and me. I just wanted to say that in order to fix the worlds sorrows we need to dismantle the nationalistic approach

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