• Denmark needs to stand up for thier rights

    Denmark needs to close their borders to refugees in order to keep their own community safe and intact. Since they are in a location that would lead to a large refugee surge the country needs to watch out for their own interest before others. They may not need to close completely but there needs to be a caution for people coming in.

  • Denmark should strengthen boarders but not close them.

    Denmark should strengthen their boarders against refugees but not close them all together. I believe Denmark has taken an unfair share of the load from the refugee crisis, and instead of continuing to take on more than it's fair share, other countries in Europe and North America should shoulder more of the burden.

  • Yes, Denmark as well as the rest of the world should tighten their borders.

    Yes, Denmark and many other countries should tighten their borders. Especially when it comes to Syrian refugees. There is too great of a risk of allowing radical Islamic terrorist into a country because there is no 100 percent guaranteed way to screen a vet these refugees. It is dangerous to the current citizens of Denmark.

  • Denmark Should Not Tighten their Borders.

    Refugees are refugees for a reason. They are fleeing a country which is hostile to them and is not safe for them to live anymore. I believe people should open their arms to well screened refugees. They offer more than they take away. That being said all refugees should have to go through some sort of screen process to be admitted into the country to try and weed out those who are only claiming that status to harm the host country.

  • No one should

    I've never really believed in boarders! I don't feel that anyone owns or should lay claim to our planet, were all just temporary squatters anyway! No disrespect but who really travels to Denmark anyway! Its not what I would call a first choice destinstion. They should count themselves lucky the country could benefit from some new flavour!

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