Should Dennis Hastert's reputation be forever tainted now that he's been indicted?

  • Dennis Hastert's reputation will be forever tainted

    Dennis Hastert will forever be known as "Dennis Hastert, once indicted on charges of...." This will be his claim to fame, regardless of whether the indictment results in a conviction or complete exoneration. If he proves innocent, he will still be always connected to having been indicted on this charge.

  • Dennis Hastert Guilty of Many Crimes

    Dennis Hastert should have been thinking of his reputation being forever tarnished when he lied to the FBI. He should now "come clean" and let the public know what he was doing with the money. If he does not, then people will image that he is very guilty of "unknown" crimes. Mr. Hastert should reveal why he was paying someone off, which is better than having the public's imagination think something up.

  • Dennis Hastert's reputation has been forever tainted.

    The indictment of Dennis Hastert will indeed forever tarnish his reputation. Everyone will look at him in a different light and judge him based on these decisions he has made. He will forever be viewed differently from this point forward in light of these new allegations brought forth against him.

  • No one's Reputation should be Forever Tainted

    Yes what Hastert did shouldn't be candy coated, it wasn't the right thing to do by any means. What he should of done is told the CIA about the blackmailer then set the person up with their help to take a fall, but he didn't do this, all because he wanted to cover things up. The thing though is he is now paying for his actions. I am a firm believer in someone can be given a second chance if they truly repent for what they have done, the past doesn't have to equal our future. Now if Hastert isn't remorseful for what he did that is another story all together.

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