• Yes, it was a good idea...

    I know that America is against communism and there are some serious issues in North Korea right now. However, North Korea will not trade a friendship for prisoners. What people do not understand is that diplomacy is undefinable. People in Korea belie that Americans have 9 heads and are horrible people. Dennis rodman suggested that he hopes for a future of friendship between the countries at a broadcasted basketball game. The whole country saw Kim Un shake hands and clap. American reporters are the losers, because they jump to illogical solutions and use their status to highlight situations clearly. I did research for an hour before writing this article. How much research did the other reporters do?

  • I say yes.

    I think that it was a good idea for him to meet with the leader of North Korea. Would I consider Dennis to be my first choice as ambassador? I would say not, but at this point we need all the help we can get to deal with the North Koreans.

  • Yes He Should Have

    I do not see any reason why Dennis Rodman should not have met with Kim Jong Un. They both seemed to get along well and when interviewed after they hung out, both parties said they had a good time and considered the other person a friend. People shouldn't restrict relationships because of government affairs.

  • It was a good call.

    While I hardly see Dennis Rodman as a model ambassador for the United States, the truth is that we need to reach out to the North Koreans in any way possible. If it takes someone as flamboyant and goofy as Dennis to make the connection with Kim Jong Un, then so be it.

  • No, if he is representing himself as an Ambassador of the US.

    As a private citizen, Rodman can meet with whomever he feels like. If that includes the emperor of the North Korea regime, then so be it. But he went there on a pseudo diplomatic motive. No, he should not have met with the dictator of the North. He does not represent the views or ideas of the US.

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