• Yes, Denver should have made it to the playoffs.

    Yes, Denver should have made it to the playoffs. Even though they did not make it to the playoffs this year, the lineup for the 2016 Denver Broncos was full of deserving talent. Also, Denver is a beautiful and progressive city with wonderful views and thin mountain air. If anyone deserves a victory, it is them.

  • They were awful

    John Elway had a terrible offseason, eventually settling on mediocre quarterback Trevor Siemian. He looks pretty smart for getting rid of Osweiler, who has been an utter disaster for the Texans, but the Cowboys look like geniuses with Dak Prescott, and the Patriots showed the value of having a good backup with Jimmy Garoppolo's performance in the first two games. Denver screwed up their offseason badly and were justly punished for it.

  • No, Denver didn't play well enough to make the playoffs.

    The bottom line is that the Denver Broncos didn't have the personnel to play well enough to make the NFL playoffs this years. Both the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs played better and their divisional records reflected that fact. Denver needs to work on improving the offense, it takes time to develop a young quarterback.

  • No, Denver should not have made it to the playoffs.

    After winning The Super Bowl last year, the Denver Broncos lost arguably the most key component to their team over the past several seasons. For this reason, it is difficult to imagine The Broncos would have a year that resembles anything like the last few seasons with Peyton Manning at the helm.

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