• Nuclear power waste is a ticking time bomb of catastrophic porportions

    Studies have shown that the half life of nuclear waste is measured in decades not weeks or months. The result of this is that depleted uranium as well as any other waste by products need to be stored and deposed of properly in order to assure the safety of the public, failure to do so would lead to a disaster of such magnitude that the world as we know it may never recover.

  • Yes, uranium poses health risks

    Though not as radioactive as enriched uranium, depleted uranium still emits enough radiation to be a health risk. Direct contact is hazardous, so it should be handled with care. Additionally, the long-term risks of depleted uranium exposure remains unclear. Some studies suggest that long-term exposure is detrimental to human health. Depleted uranium should be handled as toxic waste until the impacts of exposure are better understood.

  • Still Radioactive Despite Depletion

    Depleted uranium is still radioactive even if it is depleted. Anything radioactive should be toxic waste as radiation can cause cancer and eventual death if humans are exposed to radiation over long periods of time. Uranium should also be treated as toxic waste because its by products can also be used to irradiate targets.

  • Depleted uranium should not be treated as toxic waste.

    Depleted uranium should not be considered toxic waste because it is not. There are many industrial applications for depleted uranium, such as armor and ammunition. Although there are theories that depleted uranium can cause health problems, they have not been proven. Depleted uranium should continue to be used in industry.

  • Highly dangerous substance

    Yes I think that even though it is depleted, this uranium should still be treated as toxic waste. Uranium is known to be a very dangerous substance, and it should be treated as so. It is not worth someone getting harmed from the substance, so a lot of caution should be taken.

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