• Depression should be treated with medication

    As someone who suffers from depression, this is a topic that I feel strongly about. Medication may not necessarily be right for everyone, and should usually be paired with therapy as well, but it can be an incredibly helpful tool towards making depression easier to live with. Often times depression is caused by chemicals in the brain not being at the levels they should be an medications can really help regulate that.

  • Depression Should be Treated with Medication

    Yes, depression should be treated with medication as many, many studies show that such treatment works. When combined with therapy, medication can prove to make depression manageable for many people, and the goal of any such regimen is to make people feel better and more whole. Medication is a great treatment for depression.

  • No, Well Maybe

    Depression is emotional and should be figured out on your own. If you have problems in your life why would someone make you ignore them by taking medication? Over all it should really be a choice weather or not you take medication. Also, sometimes people just need to sit down and think about their life.

  • No It Doesn't Always Work

    Sometimes depression needs to be done by urself and not needing to take medication it is all a choice if you want to go ahead but if not wanted you should not have to take the medication if you do not want to. Life is a choice so let it be one.

  • No i think

    People need to exercise and fight depression the right way the best way you just need to get out there and do something this is a free way. Lets go lets do this. This is the natural way, we can do it together.Lets finish without paying for free!!! Come lets go

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