• Who should say

    I think he should retire becuse he mit be to old to play baseball like he old is he 50 40 30 anddepending on how old he is than he should retire baseball for good so yes i think he should retire baseball for good because he is to old to play

  • Horrible player (age)

    Will in my defence i do not think that people above the age of 50 should not play sports because that is incorrect for the age limit they should allow people under 50 for sport knowing that the love it and all they just need to find a better thing for thier age
    thank u

  • He is Getting old

    I think he should retire because he is getting old and he is not that good at the shortstop any more and he has something going on wqith is bones in his back but im not saying this to be mean but he is old and he should go so he want get hurt but good luck

  • Sadly he must go

    Derek Jeter is one of the all time greats. He has 3,000 hits. More than 250 home runs. He is also one of the best leaders in the game today.But sadly he is getting older. He is now very injury prone. He is also not as good at shortstop than he used to.It is sad but he must go.

  • Who should stay

    I think he should stay because he is still a very good player maybe he is injury prone but i believe he can still pull of at least one more year has showed people up and proved people wrong so y cant he do it again so he should stay

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