• Why not? If Twerking can then so can Derp

    Words have gotten into the dictionary before. A lot of people say when they do something obtuse, dumb, or stupid, "Derp! I forget my binder!" I personally use deep sometimes and not only is it fun to say it boost my self-esteem a little bit! It may be a little of a dumb question, but can Derp become a word?

  • Nothing else means the exact same thing!

    Hi, I'm a twelve year old but also I hardcore "derp" fan and a writer, Thank you for reading my argument and listening to what I have to say.
    I believe that it should be considered a word because it means a specific thing and it is hard to find another word in the english dictionary that means the exact same thing. If you were to see a poster with a person with eyes looking two different directions and a month in a flat line across their face what word would come to mind first, Silly or derpy? I believe it would most likely be the second option.
    Many people consider it a word in their mind. I have never had a person say, "That's not a word. " when I use the word derp. When someone who also uses this word thinks about it or uses it in a sentence I don't think the fact that it is not in the english dictionary ever comes to mind.
    They used it as a My Little Pony's name. Now, I know I probably sound kinda childish bringing up the My Little Pony, Derpy Hooves, But hear me out. As far as I'm concerned all of the My Little Pony's names have to do with their personality or how they look and they are all real words, Since it is not a certified word, Derp is not actually an adjective and it is though they put random letters together and used it as part of her name. If the creators of My Little Pony show that it means something, Due to the pony's eyes looking to different directions and her overall silly behavior, Then shouldn't it mean something in the real world.

    -Toxic Sundae

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  • Yes because you say it all the time and they mostly think it's a word.

    It is awesome and it is the most awesome word in the whole world and most people think it's it's a real word and if you told them it wasn't a word then, they wouldn't have anything to say! So, I think that it should be a real word now! Thank you.

  • Ermahgerd erf cers!

    (If you put a derp in for your herp then a herp derps and derps are herps and we like derps so we put a herp in for our derps too! ERMAHGERD MASHED PERDERDERS!)

  • There Is No Reason Why Not

    Derp is now a commonly used word due to the "Internet-izing" of human culture. Derp, whoch originates from an intenet meme, exists solely becuase people like this word. If people didn't think it's funny, they would not repeat it, and we would not even know what the word derp is. To those people that say, "Society is ruined! People are so stupid!' I can't believe you. How can anyone be like that? People can do and say what they want, if derp gets in the dictionary and you don't like it you can just ignore it, don't say it and don't worry about it!

  • Having derp as a word is quite feasible.

    For example, I derp, you derp, he/she/it derp, we derp, you all derp, they derp. I conjugates perfectly as a verb, and has a generally agreed upon definition: to make a clumsy or awkward movement; synonyms: fumble, goof, stumble, clown around. <--- This would act as a good draft for the dictionary entry. The word acts well as an interjection, "Derp!", as to release embarrassment after having done something clumsy ("derpy" could even be used here as an adjective to be synonymous with clumsy or goofy).

  • I say it all the time

    And it's just so descriptive. There are just certain words that define certain things in the most perfect of ways, and Derp is one of those words. And it is so versatile to, it can be a verb, noun, AND/OR adjective. See, see, using those grammar skills. No but seriously, I think it's a really good, descriptive word. And also, if we can let twerk and selfie into the dictionary then why not derp?

  • Derp Should Be Considered a Word

    Yes, derp should be considered a word because it is in the Oxford English Dictionary. The definition is: "used as a substitute for speech regarded as meaningless or stupid, or to comment on a foolish or stupid action" or "foolishness or stupidity." The example given in the dictionary of derp as an exclamation is, "Lower tax rates and far lower job creation. Derp." Used as a noun, the example is, "The derp heard outside apparently was only the tip of the iceberg." According to the dictionary, the word originated in the 1990's.

  • To call people who act retarded but not mentally handicapped.

    We need a non-offensive word to describe people who have been blessed with able bodies and no discernible brain damage but choose to act (due to laziness, immaturity or God knows what else) like they have a mental impairment. Stupidity is rift in society nowadays and should be looked down upon. We can start with calling these people derps.

  • Are you kidding me?

    This is another reason why our society is going down the gutter! "Derp" as a word? What is it even supposed to mean? It's a very useless word! I don't even know why people waste their breath using that word! Common people! There are more important things in life that people should be focusing on then if "derp" should be a word.

  • With the amount

    Of new words entering out dictionary every day, adding another is not favourable to me. IN my opinion, the English language has been perfectly fine for the last 1000 years without stupid new words like 'lol', 'selfie', 'vajazzle' and ... 'derp'

    PS. Every single one of those words quoted above have been highlighted in red by the speel checker, bother from my computer and from the website. Hallelujah!

  • Ecceptions just create more confusion

    Obviously everything that we say are words, but if it should be considered a dictionary word, I don't think so. Like many words, the fads come and go. If we consider "derp" as a word, a lot of things would have to update, such as dictionarys, spell check, and translators. Also definitions would have to be thought up to update such resources. Again it comes to the fact that if we let a word such as "derp" be qualified as a real word, then people would ask "what about yolo?" "swag?" and the list goes on.

  • Should derp be a word

    Derp shouldn't be a word because it has no root no history and it gets annoying if you have friends like mine in fifth grade who constantly argue it's a real word and repeat it over and over again so in my opinion it could still be something silly to say but it shouldn't be a wordin the dictionary

  • It is already a word.

    The fact that "derp" appears incessantly already makes it a word. Thus the question of should or should it not be considered a word is already answered. However to fully be "considered", or more like confirmed, as a word, it must make it to the dictionary. And "derp" is an internet trending word with no current concrete meaning and thus doesn't deserve a place in the dictionary. That is why I am saying no to this question. I still use the word derp, yet its addition to a dictionary or consideration as a real word would be negative.

  • No. It Shouldn't

    Im not saying I am against the word derp. I love the word derp. But it would lose its coolness factor if it became a word in the dictionary. It should just stay something that is on the internet. And plus, I don't think enough people know about it, so it would just confuse them. Keep it on the internet!!

  • I prefer leaving derp on the internet

    I don't know... Most people I know rarely use derp, so replacing it would make it quite confusing for them and anyone else who doesn't know what derp means. Also derp isn't as mainstream as duh, so it would take some time to get to the point whether people are going to recognise it as a real word. Duh as it is, doesn't really belong in my own vocabulary.

  • Why fix something that isn't broke

    Saying duh is just as easy as saying 'derp'. There is nothing wrong with saying duh, why try to change it, and out of all things, to derp. I am not saying 'derp' should not be word, I will just never use it in place of the word duh any time soon.

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