Should Derpy Hooves be taken out of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic?

  • She isn't Important

    Pretty much what I said on the only one so COPYPASTA TIME!!!

    He isn't important! Plain and simple. She isn't important, because she is a BACKGROUND character. She is at best a "Where's Waldo" character that can be EASILY replaced by any other character. Removing her doesn't hurt the show in the slightest (due to her not having any importance). The show will go on just fine without her and it will never be about her.
    Above all else she is offensive. Why? If you look at any other character in animation history that have her "qualities" they all have NORMAL names that don't have a history that can be traced back to the INTERNET or weren't created by people who create ADULT SHOWS/movies/plays (South Park, Book of Mormon, Baseketball, and Team America: World Police)

  • She's a hero

    In the MLP movie, Derpy comes rubbing and jumps in the way saving Twilight from being turned to stone like the other princesses, giving her a chance to escape and ultimately save Equestria. She's the real hero of the whole story and all of Equestria owes her their thanks! Hero.

  • Derpy must stay!!

    Derpy is an exceptional pony, she is very sweet and super cute, and is my favourite character ever! You can't be mean and take her out. I really love Derpy. If you don't like her then don't watch her. Haters can hate all they want, but Derpy hooves is a beautiful contribution to My little pony friendship is magic. If friendship is really magic then don't you dare take her out or I will never have anything to do with MLP EVER AGAIN!!

  • Dont leave her behind!!!!!!! 😡

    She is sweet and quite adorable too. Also she is my favourite pony and I would hate to see her left behind. Just because she has eyes that face different directions doesn't mean you should take her out! Finally Derpy is not the only one whose eyes face different ways, there are plenty of kids, adults too, who have the same condition. And we can't take them out of life can we?!?! So it's obvious that derpy MUST stay or I will not watch it ever again!!

  • Why would she?

    Just because derpy is wall eyed dosen't mean you should take her out
    even if she is mentally challenged (wich th is NOTHING saying that's wrong) it would contradict the "acceptence for who you are" aspect of the show (not to mention little kids would follow the example) wall eyed does not equal mentally challenged

  • Not everyone is perfect

    And neither is Derpy, she is just the way she is and should be accepted for that, not banned for it..... If she has a disability of somekind, mental or physical, you are basically denying them their chance.... Would you deny someone to represent a group just because they have a disability of some kind?

  • Derpy is NOT offensive in ANY way!

    Derpy is NOT offensive. She can be a bit ditzy or clumsy sometimes, but that dosn't mean she's stupid or retarded. Why do people think she's "Offensive" I mean nobody complains about charecters like Spongebob & Patrick from SpongeBob Squarepants. Derpy does NOT deserve ANY of the hate she is getting. She's more then a background pony.

  • Everyone likes derpy

    Derpy is a kind loving pony its just wrong to take derpy out of my little pony. She is my favored pony I don't know what I would do if they won't bring her back. Derpy is not a background pony she is in lots of shows , but I love derpy I don't know why they took derpy hooves out. Derpy should be brought back I miss her.

  • She is important!

    Other people might think that Derpy is just a background character, but she is really a minor character that ALMOST everyone loves. She is funny, fun and has FRIENDS!!!!! She is in no way offensive or a reference to disabled kids. If you want a character to be taken off because they are offensive, take of snails who is often slow, oblivious, and just plain dumb! He and snips are the ones who are offensive, not derpy!

  • Quit hating on derpy

    Derpy hooves is a minor character that people love so taking her out would take away some of the fandom and could cause a riot a broNYCon or everfree northwest. Bronies stand by eachother and support eachother. If you don't like derpy don't watch the show or begin to like derpy and treat others like you want to be treated, cartoon and real world alike.
    I'm not complaining, i'm just telling you what i think.

  • She isn't hurting anyone!

    Get rid of a different background character! Derpy isn't offending anyone but you. She is adorable and has had a speaking role before. Bon Bon is still on the show, Lyra is still on, so is Carrot Top, Dr. Hooves, and so on! It would be a boring show if there was no interesting background characters!

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