• Keep deserts landscaped with native plants

    Desert area residents should be required to use desert landscaping. This is because it keeps the land looking uniform, well-designed, and beautiful. It is odd to see plant life not native to the desert being added to a landscape. People should respect the land and their neighbors with how they decorate it.

  • Don't Grow Grass

    I believe desert area residents should be required to use desert landscaping. It is absolutely unnatural to attempt to grow grass in the desert and it is a drain on water resources. I do not think people should be allowed to waste water on such a selfish and useless concept.

  • People who live in desert areas should be required to use desert landscaping.

    Yes, residents of desert areas should have to use desert landscaping because it is important to not introduce non-native species. The animals and insects found in a desert area also incorporate certain foliage into their lives, and it is important to protect natural wildlife habitats, rather than destroy or alter them. For that reason, desert area residents should have to use desert landscaping.

  • No, they shouldn't

    No, I don't believe that desert area residents should be required to use desert landscaping when they are decorating outside their homes. I am not a big fan of stifling a persons creative choices when it comes to home decoration. If there is a water shortage or something of that nature, then the person should be aware that their lawn might have to die if they can't use the water to take care of it.

  • But its smart

    If people live in a desert area then using desert landscaping techniques and styles makes far more sense than trying to grow things such as a garden or a lawn. The trick is, however, not to legislate this, but rather to simply stop subsidizing water, which would end the practice.

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