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  • It requires hard dedication with tools

    I personally dislike Design Technology class because in the work before getting into the workshop you have to add stuff like specifications, Draw more ideas for the project that you even have and answer technical questions why you want each idea like that despite having to think about other ideas as a filler for the work.
    Now, In the workshop you have to use some dangerous tools which, Granted the teacher usually tells you how to use but still sometimes you have to hold the tools in a very uncomfortable position for them to work properly, Like a file and sanding paper and sometimes when making what you need to make in the workshop can be very long and tedious without a guarantee you'll be able to do it right. And using software like Solidworks to make a model to 3D print is extremely hard to do for some people. Of course I'd still keep Design & Technology as a subject in school but make it optional for everyone

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