• Peak Culture In Despacito

    Despacito was the greatest song ever released in the history of the world. The countless unofficial other covers are not as close to as good as what an official Despacito 2 could be. Despacito 2 will create world peace, End world hunger, End poverty, Create a worldwide space program, And provide the innovation necessary for people to rule the universe

  • It is necessary for our society

    Our society simply could not exist without it. I mean think about it. I need to type more words to submit this but It is VERY VERY VERY necessary to a thriving functioning society. Why did the USSR fall? No despacito. Also NASA has confirmed it so it has to be real.

  • It is glorious

    Despacito 2 i s a beautiful thing. It is not only necessary in today's modern society, But it is a life saver. Think about how many people have had their depression cured by Despacito 2 and tell me that it is wrong to have a funny, Harmless parody of a crappy song. Despacito 2 was confirmed by NASA before it was even in the works! Imagine if NASA had confirmed Trolls 2, Or Shrek 5! They would be in much higher demand today then they currently are.

  • It all seems to be chin related.

    And yes the U. S. S. R fell because of the chin related oppression of the proletariat. Hiding the truth behind big beards and moustaches couldn't go on for ever. And the Gulags are mirrored in Guantanamo, As the big chins look away in embarrassment and their boots are too big for their legs. And Cuba is complicit and chins and old cars and cigars and big boots. Despacito too and gazpacho is cold vegetable soup. Heck! What's the World coming to?

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