• Destiny's child should reunite.

    They were an awesome group together, and I don't think success has gone to their head. Beyonce is not spoiled, and she would welcome the group together again. When they performed at the super bowl, they did a great job. Seeing them together again would be great. I have seen may bands or groups do the same thing and succeeded.

  • They still do shows and records from time to time, so sure, they should keep it up.

    This is a strange question considering they do reunite for shows and are contracted to record another album together. They each have their own successful solo careers as well, but they still record and perform under the name Destiny's Child at times, too. When they do come together for performances or records, it is always highly anticipated among the fans. Since they already do "reunite" on a regular basis and have future plans to do so, this question is really not valid.

  • No they shouldn't reunite.

    I personally had no interest in Destiny's Child when they were together in a band/group. I think all of the members are doing great and making some really great music on their own. They have all made separate lives for themselves and different successes and it should stay that way.

  • Not long term.

    Sure Destiny's Child continues to do things as a group, but the individuals involved have other interests and agendas. Perhaps they could make being a group a long term and successful thing, but I think they are better keeping things casual rather than risk doing this formally. It could ruin what we do get.

  • Destiny's Child should not reunite because of Beyonce.

    I think that they should not reunite. No one remembers anyone from Destiny's Child but Beyonce!! I had to ask someone who they were just to comment on this. Beyonce is the only one that anyone remembers and maybe it should stay that way, with Beyonce as the main star.

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