• Black lives matter

    Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international activist movement, originating in the African-American community, that campaigns against violence toward black people. BLM regularly organizes protests around the deaths of black people in killings by law enforcement officers, and broader issues of racial profiling, police brutality, and racial inequality in the United States criminal justice system.

    In 2013, the movement began with the use of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter on social media, after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of African-American teen Trayvon Martin. Black Lives Matter became nationally recognized for its street demonstrations following the 2014 deaths of two African Americans: Michael Brown, resulting in protests and unrest in Ferguson, and Eric Garner in New York City.[1][2]

    Since the Ferguson protests, participants in the movement have demonstrated against the deaths of numerous other African Americans by police actions or while in police custody, including those of Tamir Rice, Eric Harris, Walter Scott, Jonathan Ferrell, Sandra Bland, Samuel DuBose and Freddie Gray. In the Summer of 2015, Black Lives Matter began to publicly challenge politicians—including politicians in the 2016 United States presidential election—to state their positions on BLM issues. The overall Black Lives Matter movement, however, is a decentralized network and has no formal hierarchy or structure.[3]

  • Waste of Time

    It's a waste a time. Why do we even need detention. I also hate it when I get detention just for coming late, it's stupid. They should just suspend the student instead giving them stupid detention. They won't eve have free time, because they gotta first be in boring detention, then do homework when they come home, then sleep.

  • 100% yes it should be banned.

    Detention is detaining a student. I think it is wrong and serves no purpose. Most of the time the detentions are for unfair or really stupid reasons, or are never proved. I got detention once for not signing a paper. That's it. A paper. I didn't do my homework another time and got it. Didn't teach me anything. Both times I forgot the paper and homework in my locker so I couldn't physically sign or do it. It's ridiculous and basically fucking prison. It's like putting me in a jail cell for hours for doing a mistake. It's wrong. Schools shouldn't have the right to FORCE ME to stay in a room for hours after school is over.

  • Unfair to pupils

    Pupils should not be given detention because staying behind after school is unfair on them and we spend 6 hours in school and when the bell goes we are our parents responsibility so they are just keeping us away from our parents and also our family its just not fair.

  • It is an infringement of human rights and only makes the student hate the teacher.

    Detention is a waste of time. If a student has allocated a set amount of time to a school, then surely that school does not have the right to hold the student against his or her will. The time outside of school belongs to the student and the student only. Furthermore, it is an inadequate measurement of correction and will only teach the student to hate the teacher.

  • Detentions are essential for major misdemeanors - but not for late homework...

    Detentions (at least the ones at our school) aren't that unpleasant and they don't make us less likely to do wrong, they're just boring and waste our time. If you want students not to commit the offenses again, then the punishment should be changed. For major misdemeanors, the detention involves actually talking to a teacher about it. But is sitting in a room alone and bored for 20 minutes going to have an effect, preventing future issues?

    The things we get detentions for are trivial misdeeds - late homework, uniform infringements etc. I once got a break time detention for wearing the wrong color socks in sports - is that a 'crime' that should be punished? By giving lots of detentions for small matters it makes after school detentions (for serious things) a smaller deal.

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  • Detentions are unfair

    I live miles away from my school and take a long while to get there, and when I'm late I get a detention. I mean, what am I expected to do, turn on sonic mode? Also I need 15 more words so this should do the job quite nicely, nvm.

  • Detentions are awful

    Detentions are pointless, a student gets them a lot and it WILL NOT change there attitude, most likely worsen it, because they are getting annoyed with all these detentions, someone really needs to review how this whole system works, at my school if you don't do HomeWork you get a 40 minute AFTER SCHOOL detention, which is REDICULOUS! Absoloutely unacceptable...

  • It wont solve anything

    The proper way to deal with misbehaving students is to be in contact with their legal parents. Parents are simply notified and should be the only ones deciding what action needs to be taken to correct the behaviour.
    It's pointless since detention commonly consists of staff and are quired to stay in a isolated room without interaction with each other...Its just a stalemate and wastes time.

  • They don't learn..

    I have been in multiple detentions, it never fazed me. I still kept on mouthing off and not paying attention in class, although after a while, I got my crap straight, and decided to do my home work, and be kind, but until that day, I never learned my lesson from these detentions. But I also have NEVER been tardy in all my years of schooling. I hate being late to things.

  • If used for the right ends.

    Pupils who don't follow or disturb class miss content. Detention separates them from other disturbing influences and gives them time to make up for the matter they missed. So, if you get a work assignment related to the missed content, detention is a good thing.
    Used as a mere punishment or a way to break somebody in spirit to make them apologize, detention is wrong.
    Detention should be controlled, not abolished.

  • I’m not trying

    I’m not going sleep I just got a call back and I don’t have a shower I don’t have a good day I can do that I can get it done tomorrow I will be home and then I’ll send ya the picture and then I’ll give ya my name on it that way you Can buy me one

  • Kids deserve it because when their bad they need to learn not to do it again.

    If kids don't learn from their mistakes then they will always be bad and they probably won't stop. They will never learn from their mistake, So if they don't learn and they'll keep being bad and now you have to deal with them now. We need to keep detention, So don't get rid of it.

  • Detentions should not be banned, Because some people deserve it. The student's need to learn to get good grades, So they won't fail the class.

    The student's will never learn and then if detention didn't exist the students wouldn't do their home work. Then student's will be crazy not doing their work and be bad all the time. Then the teachers would have to deal with the student's behavior. So this is my support my work.

  • Detentions are good for bad behaved students. . .

    Yes many students dislike detention. But if there was no detention all bad behavior would continue and the school would be a wreck. The lesson that detention teaches you is that you should always listen to your teachers instructions. And only give helpful feedback in class.

    Detentions are the only way to control students. But they won't work if you don't do them right.

    Always call the students parents and make sure you have a conversation with them about what they did wrong and how they can improve.

    Never tell them NOT to do something. That will make them want to do it more.

    In conclusion always give detentions if the child needs it. Give them 1or 2 warnings before giving them the detention or else it would be unfair.

    Also never give detentions for those who are 5 min late to form time. That is not their fault ( most cases )

    My overall answer = NO don't ban detentions just control them.

  • In class we r doing a debate

    I am doing a debate in class and i am opposing team so no still have detention in school but iu don't want detention in school but i don't to do this at school huidsagh8uosd hau9d yau9dsad7 y7o hasdhusda uhu du adsu hssd ihuhu ads sihuhuds hu dshu dsauhsadihusaduhihu i

  • Touch my Pines and smonk wed

    I want detontion pelpol to touch my pines and so I can smonk my wed with them, If they wan dei i will stop dem. I fb i agnet, I god agnet, I shoot the ngu. I also techer, I very olde, I born 0. I wan to touch pines.

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    A mi me gustan los frijoles a la olla.

  • Osama bin laden

    Rip osama bin laden, What a great man he was he did nothing wrong, All he did was make two large buildings fall to the ground in new yorkcity in september 11 2001, Like really what a great man he was really, But aslo really mest up, But yeah thats my opinion why detention should be in schools.

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