Should developed countries give assistance to developing countries?

  • Developed countries should help others.

    I believe that it is very important for developed countries
    to give assistance to developing countries.
    Globalization has caused the world to become smaller. We are all affected. We all need each other. When the standard of living is raised in any
    developing country, it is good for the world economy.

  • Yes, more developed countries have the resources.

    Developed countries have the ability to absorb some of the difficulties that other countries face. For example, the United States can easily send food and financial aid to disaster stricken areas. There may be arguments that we could be helping ourselves more than worrying about other countries, but I feel like this is a bad idea. I could not possibly tell you that a person in another country is more or less valuable than a person in my own country.

  • It doesn't help hem

    Simply giving out free handouts to developing countries isn't helping them. It's the same thing as giving money to homeless people. Instead of handing them money, give them a place to stay so they can work out how to live on their own. Teach a man to fish. Developing countries dont need free handouts. They need help getting back on their feet so they can eventually take care of themselves

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