Should developed countries help poor, third world nations without expecting debt repayment?

  • Sharing your fortune with less fortunate

    Most rich countries are rich because they are fortunate with resources. America made its wealth through oil, Australia through its gold and coal, etc. Its like being born into a rich family vs being born into a poor family. The rich kids must help the poor kids to make the place a better place to live.

  • It is not really 'helping' if a payback is required is it?

    It is ridiculous that developing countries with starving children have to payback loans to developed countries! It is a global, political monopoly exploiting people. We are one world and we should start behaving like that. In addition, first world countries OWE third world countries not only because of colonialism but in the modern day, many super-chains like Tesco and Walmart obtain their goods from 3rd world countries and if that stopped,the 1st world economy would collapse!

  • Yes I think helping third world countries get on their feet without debt repayment is appropriate.

    Offering help to third world countries that are in a poor state in the morally correct thing to do. I also believe it's appropriate because when they are more financially viable, they are more likely to buy and trade goods which benefits the supporters economy as well.

    If they are expected to repay the debt of support then how are they supposed to develop into a thriving country. I believe that would thrust them back into the same position they were in to begin with.

    Posted by: R34IHanan
  • There Has to be sustainable help from Developed countriesg

    The only sustainable help that the developed countries could give is the support in nutritive food production for these countries. Most of the time these countries eat only starchy foods and that upsets the brain metabolism, of these people and that makes them lethargic, postponing things in life and alsunder development of the brain takes lace. There is a person in SriLanka,who has done a gigantic research on the subject and he has introduced to the leaders of SriLanka. But t has fallen on deaf years, as only then they can exploit the poor masses. If anyone is interested to know more of this subject, please let me know and I shall give more details of this person.

  • One Human Family

    Yes, we have drawn borders between and within countries, and these borders have created special loyalties. But the more important commitment is to the human race whether in the USA or Nigeria or Cambodia or elsewhere. That's not a call for complete equality, but it does call for our help.

  • To help lengthen their lives

    We can stop the death of young children so they can grow up and make a difference and provide food and money for their families. Also, so families can be healthy and try to help raise their family in a good nutritional lifestyle so they don't have to face unfortunate deaths.

  • We got them in the mess they' in so lets get them out!

    Most of the problems were caused by us when we decided to invade their countries long ago! Now they are left to pick up the pieces after us! We would protest if it happened to us wouldn't we? Just because they aren't near us doesn't mean that we should blame them, saying that poverty is something that is their fault when we got them into it!

  • Why should we let them suffer?

    More developed countries should help third world countries without expecting repayment. We shouldn't be hypocritical to those lessons in life we learned as a child: "Lend a helping hand", "Give more", "Share"

    If not donate, we should at least help to discover their undiscovered resources such as gold and diamonds.

  • the exploiter and exploited

    The state of the third world or developing countries is a result of their past relationship with the exploiting capitalist countries who capitalized on their weaponry to cheat humiliate and degrade their society by colonization and the struggle to dominate and plant their ways of life on them in the name of modernization

  • Third world countries have suffered at the hands of developed nations. Evidence can be found in terms of deterioration of environmental quality, fiscal crisis.

    Third world countries have been looted and their efficient governors overthrown by the developed countries in the past. In certain Asian countries like India,the loss has been unrecoverable so far. Linking the present economy with the past will help us understand that there is a difference between earning and stealing wealth.To mitigate that, the developed countries should take a stance and help third world countries to overcome barriers and develop friendly relations.


    We don't owe them anything. They are a burden on society and humanity in general. They have produced NOTHING throughout history and when they come to other countries, they try to enforce their 3rd world primitive and inferior ways and culture that they tried so desperately to escape onto developed countries. They live off the dole and commit crimes and produce nothing good towards society.

  • Don't help third world nations.

    Why should we give money to third world countries when Great Britain is in the worst debt ever.Will these countries help Great Britain out when we become a third world country. Why is Mr. Cameron giving tax payers money to third world countries such as China & India who are in a far better situation then Great Britain at this present time.

  • Our charity aid is damaging the third world

    The giving of charity only this?uades the governments on the recieving end from generating money for themselves, seriously think about it, we have been providing aid to 3rd world countries for over 60 years and have seen very few results. The fact of the matter is that the charity money goes into the pockets of the wealthy people, the people in charge of the country, and it is in their interest for the poverty of the country to continue. Another major problem with charity is that if we give resources such as food or wheat to the citizens free of charge, then we prevent their farmers from having any opportunity to sell their wares for a reasonable price, therefore ultimately having a negative effect on the countries overall economic status, as not only the poor would have access to free supplies, but so would the rich and upper-middle class. Unless we know for sure, that our 'aid' is actually helping these countries, then our 'charity' is really, not charity at all.

  • It goes to corrupt governments.

    I don't think we should be throwing our hard earned money away. Take Africa for example: they have tons of gold and diamonds and they're not a thriving continent because the government is corrupt and doesn't spread the wealth where it is needed. When we throw money away to places like that the money doesn't go to aid it goes to the corrupt leaders. Canada is having enough financial problems. We can hardly take care of ourselves, yet they are shipping millions if not billions of dollars by the boat load to third world countries. It's called natural selection. If they can't make it on their own then they will simply die out. By us giving them money to survive, it messes with the natural selection. That's why the world is so over populated.

  • They shouldn't help in the first place, if they are expecting something in return.

    If countries want to help less fortunate countries, then they should do that out of the kindness of their heart, and not expect anything in return. Some third world nations simply have no way of paying back. They should not be helped, if the helping nation is expecting something in return. If they want to give back, then that's one thing. But, they should not be expected to give anything in return.

    Posted by: AverageHoward86
  • Developed countries are responsible for the third world nations poverty at some stage of time.

    Yes, I agree that developed countries should help poor, third world nations without expecting debt repayment. I feel that the developed nations were responsible for the third world nations poverty at some stage of time. They exploited these nations out of their resources and left them with nothing. And this is the pay back time that the developed should help financially at least without any expectation of debt repayment.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • Developed countries should not give away money to third world countries, as this will not develop responsible government or economic management in such countries.

    Developed countries should not simply hand money over to third world countries, as this gives no incentive to develop responsible government or fiscal policies. If a third world country knows it must make payments back, then there is more incentive to use the money in responsible revenue-generating development projects, as opposed to military spending or prestige projects (e.g. palaces, statues) for the current government.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • The people in developed coutries should help, but not the governments.

    All charity should come from private sources, and it should not be subsidized by the respective governments through tax deductions or credits. If someone, or some group wants to make large charitable contributions.. let them, but don't expect the governements to take the funds of the taxpayers and squander it on half baked ideas to make themselves feel good about themselves.

  • alex

    no, we should help third countries, the more money we send, the more money goes to the dictators, and other corruption that plagues there country. The world population is increasing and to stable that, we need to stop our aid. Sure i believe in karma, but truly those countries cannot be brought back up, unless a powerful nation controls it. We need to use our money on our own economy and pay off our debt, along with stabilizing our economy instead. In conclusion, the more we help 3rd world countries and dont realize that our own economy is failing, then pretty soon we our selves will be in a slump.

  • Government support increases Poverty

    Governments will *always* fail to really help alleviate poverty, because they either give money to corrupt governments or they disrupt the normal economic incentives.
    Charitable and religious organizations are present in the countries and can better encourage positive and sustainable growth.
    The idea that we owe them something because our society has been more successful is ridiculous. The only thing we owe them is a blueprint for them to raise themselves out of poverty and despair.

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Anonymous says2013-07-15T18:15:25.553
YES! Developing countries ought to be helped with resources so that they can develop and reach sustainable development. Helping one another for a common good.
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