Should developing a vaccine be the top priority for health care providers battling HIV/AIDS?

  • Developing an HIV vaccine should be a top priority

    Though it may have seemed to be a pie in the sky dream even a few years ago, developing a vaccine for HIV or AIDS is now firmly within our reach. There have been two children born with HIV who have since been cured. This means it should be a research priority.

  • Stop it at the source

    HIV/AIDS can be cured and vaccinated with time and effort, but it is first most important to stop it at the source and figure out how to cure afflicted individuals from that point. Right now, the disease can be controlled and sufferers can live long and relatively healthy lives, but the best course of action is to prevent the spread entirely.

  • It is one way.

    Yes, developing a vaccine should be the top priority for health care providers battling HIV/AIDS, because it is a good way to combat the problem into the future. It is an easy way to attack the disease and eradicate it in the future. This is a promising way to make a difference in the disease.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe a vaccine should be the top priority for health care providers battling HIV/AIDS. Personally, I think a vaccine would be really hard to sell since vaccines tend to introduce a virus to the body on purpose. I would be afraid to have such a vaccine in fear that it may have complications.

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