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  • The question needs further development

    First and foremost, industrialization by whom? The unwritten assumption is that the advanced nations would do it for the "lesser" ones, either because of humanitarian reasons or because of corporate greed. But whichever the reason is, the premise is wrong. Developing countries want nothing to do with the advanced ones -and I should know for I was born in one (Argentina). Locals assume that foreigners come to steal their resources or to waste their time, and they are right. The "we love American capital!" stuff you read in magazines, be them from Big Oil or Whole Foods, either comes from Americans themselves (no wonder!) or from the few locals who can make a boatload of money from the foreign sponsored industries, never the humble breadwinner.

    That said, if left to their own devices, any of these countries can develop a local industry, like many already have. The reason they often do not is simply because the big players won't let them -often in the name of environmental protection, although they are really playing for the big fat corporations. Don't get me wrong, developing countries do not have any magic secrets to responsible, sustainable growth, and many have already ruined their own lands and some will do it in the future for sure. The point is, that is the dark side of industry, we have done it already, and if we are to be fair we have to let them take a shot at it. Doing otherwise is like saying "yeah, we are the only ones with the right to screw up".

  • It is their way of life

    We might take their own culture away if we industrialized that country. This is similar to the Africans and the Arabs. As the Africans began to trade with the Arabs the African culture was slowly lost. We have recently found instruments that no one knows how to play them. Basically industrialization may take away the countries culture.

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