Should development assistance be prioritized over military aid in Africa?

  • Yes, Africa Needs To Rebuild

    Africa has enough guns. What it needs is more
    infrastructure, not more tools for destroying infrastructure. Other countries
    should send civil engineers, architects, geologists, teachers and doctors to help
    the people of Africa, not military advisers. As long as the outside world sees
    helping Africa as helping Africans fight wars, the situation of the ordinary people
    will never improve. Let us invest in new beginnings, not destruction.

  • Yes, it's teaching how to fish.

    Yes, development assistance should be prioritized over military aid in Africa, because development assistance is offering a long-term solution to the problem. Military aid can be misused, or even used against the people that it was intended to help. Setting up sound governments and free economic systems will have a much longer effect.

  • Development assistance should be prioritized over military aid to Africa

    To build long lasting and strong ties to another country, the United States should demonstrate a commitment to the continent of Africa that improves the lives of its citizens. Simply propping up governments with military aid will not build long term alliances. This will only come when the people see their daily lives improving and know who helped make that possible.

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