Should development of synthetic life forms be allowed?

  • Yes,development of synthetic life forms should be allowed.

    Yes,development of synthetic forms should be allowed.Many times humans that are sufferring and need replacement organs have troubles finding appropriate donors.With the development of synthetic materiwls patients can have a higher quality of life without having to find another person who is compatible as far as organs and blood are concerned

  • Synthetic Life Forms Allow Us to Study All Life

    Developing synthetic life forms allow scientists to study all forms of life. It helps scientists piece together how life comes together with various amino acids, DNA and RNA. Scientists in the lab have already made synthetic bacteria and single-celled life forms. As the process develops, higher life forms can be made later.

  • Yes it should.

    The development of synthetic life forms should be allowed. This will allow for us to solve many problems that we face today. We can make more animals for food so that can end hunger in 3rd world countries and we can make and grow organs for people who need transplants.

  • No no way

    Synthetic life forms should not be legal because they are unsafe and harful to your body. Synthetic life forms have been proven to be alot less safer than natural life froms and should be baned from every contry and state. I believe that people who use synthetic life forms will have a shorter life or end up with a serious health condition

  • Let's play God!

    Yes, development of synthetic life forms should be allowed. And not only should they be allowed, they should be encouraged with government grants and other spending. Synthetic life forms would be an amazing area of research to develop creatures to help us better understand ourselves. What could possibly go wrong?

  • No, Not Yet

    I do not believe the development of synthetic life forms should be allowed, at least not yet. My problem with this, is that there are some potential dangers involved and some moral and ethical complications that may arise. Humanity as a whole needs to decide what is proper and appropriate when creating synthetic life forms, before we just start doing it. What if we create a monster? What if we create something that kills an important part of the food chain? What if create something that would dominate us on the food chain?

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