• They emphasize it.

    Yes, Diamond Way Buddhism should primarily be considered to be a meditational practice, because the Diamond Way Buddhists, like all Buddhists emphasize meditation. The Diamond Way Buddhists have their own unique practices, but in reality, they do not vary all that much from traditional Buddhists. Their emphasis on meditation is commendable.

  • Meditation is integral to the Way

    Diamond Way Buddhism should definitely primarily be considered as a meditational practice. This is because the studies and mode of life the Diamond Way promotes encourage a lot of meditational practice for its members and followers. The Way would not be the group that it is without this influence in it.

  • Yes it should.

    Diamond Way Buddhism should primarily be considered as a meditational practice. This is because there is not much that the Diamond Way Buddhism does that actually supports any part of Buddhism. The Diamond Way just takes the meditation part of Buddhism and focuses only on that and the religious part.

  • Yes, it should be.

    It basically is a meditational practice. It should be considered this. Yes, there is religious and philosophical jargon discussed and defined, but it is basically the art of meditation. it's a good one too, and I recommend people try it, whether they are Buddhists or not. It is very effective

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe Diamond Way Buddhism should be seen primarily as a meditation practice. Diamond Way Buddhism is simply an off shoot of Buddhism and it includes pretty much every standard part of Buddhism that you will see in other sects. It is not just meditation, it is a way of understanding and full fledged religion.

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