• Diet sodas should be allowed.

    I believe that diet sodas should not be banned. I believe that American citizens should be
    free to decide what USDA approved foods they want to put in their bodies. I believe that the American government should stop
    trying to micro manage and control every single aspect of our lives.

  • Yes, freedom of choice is a right.

    Freedom of choice is something that not many people would argue with. Diet sodas aren't any healthier than other sodas, and I think that the majority of people understand that no soda can be looked at as a nutritional drink. People still choose to drink them, even with that knowledge. If one were to argue that diet sodas should be banned, you might as well argue that all soda should be banned.

  • This IS BAD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!1

    I think that i mean not having to much is good but having a lot is bad please try to not have that much please look at wellness mama soda is bad for you sub to popcorndude4301 on youtube d d d d d d d d d d d

  • It has aspertame whitch could kill you

    It's no good , all it is is poison in bottle , why do we have it, i dont care, honestly, we need more than just poison that could cause death, you dont see me drinking that stuff, no sir, so why should kids have it, it could cause something bad and they to go to the hospital

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