Should digital devices be allowed in the classroom?

  • Yes. I very much think they should be allowed in schools

    What if a kids parent has an emergency or the child has an emergency. A child should be able to awnser the call and make phone calls. Maybe they also need insperation on an essay so they should be able to google some ideas. I really do think they should be able to.

  • Yes! They should be allowed!

    Yes! Cell phones should be allowed at school and kids should be allowed to bring them! They could use them in many different situations! They could use them for educational purposes, music, or for and emergency call that needs to get back to their parents. Cell phones should definitely be allowed at school!

  • They could use them responsibly.

    If the teachers trusted the students to be able to bring their personal devices to school the teachers would have more advanced up-to-date teaching. If more schools used technology with their teaching kids will be able to use technology in the future because there is no doubt that later in their life they will be using technology a lot more than they do now. Also maybe when they go to college they want to get a masters degree in science and technology or robotics. So this why the kids should be allowed to have technology in school, its for the greater good of the kids and the future.

  • Yes, with limitations.

    Digital devices have the potential to aid the learning process, sometimes better than old-fashion teaching models. This is something that should be taken advantage of. However, allowing students to access their personal devices during class time is no better than other distractions that students have used in the past to avoid paying attention in class. When I take this position, I speak about children, not college students. College student are adults and if they chose to be distracted in class, they are adults who are able to handle it. It goes without saying that use during exams should continue to be prohibited

  • Yes, Digital Devices Can Be Learning Tools

    Children will be workers someday, and many will use digital devices on the job. That’s why modern schools train children in the use of computers, calculators and even smartphones. Children must prepare to find their place in the world and basic digital knowledge will help them do it. Some schools do block social sites from children’s computers, at least during school hours. Other
    schools teach kids simple programming with visual basic or similar tools. Some learn to program at a level most adults cannot reach. Digital devices help children prepare for the future.

  • No, I don't think so

    Having an electronic device all during school is not right. The electronics will distract the students from learning the things they need to know later in life. Learning is more important than a cell phone. You can go 7 hours without a small electronic. That's why I think we don't need to have electronics all throughout school.

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