Should Digital Music Files Be Available For Free?

Asked by: TylerRutherford
  • If you can't beat them, join them

    It is my belief that all information, including music, should be made free and available to the public. As a musician myself, it is more important for me for my music to be heard by as many people as possible than to receive royalties for it. Not to mention, there is a growing trend among artists (not necessarily labels, though) in which they support the free distribution of music over the Internet. And besides, any attempts to stop digital piracy will result in resounding failure (just ask Lamar Davis or Lars Ulrich).

  • Yes, it should be free.

    What is the original purpose of music? It is to make people feel happy and relaxed. If you have to pay every single song, but how about for poor people who love music? Singers and writers will go sign a contract with a company if they want to publish songs, it is the companies that pays them the fee. Besides if more people listen to their songs, they would be more popular, wouldn't they?

    Anyway, we can not assure that everybody can consciously insist to buy songs. It is impossible from an angle of this realistic society. Nowadays, a lot of websites provide free downloading music, even you can download an app on your phone for free music. Even though everybody, include me think singers need the copyright, but sometimes we are not able to stop this behavior of downloading free music.

  • Any attempts to halt piracy is futile, so re - twig the system so that it offers something just as good.

    Money can be made through advertising eg adsense style. If all music downloads were free and adopted the free channel TV ad approach then artists could still make money whilst offering free downloads. Instead of ad streaming there should be a three minute advertisement before the download begins - and all monet goes to the artist or record conpany/publisher. It's the only way to combat it. Remember, TV shows make money on free TV channels so it's feasible.

  • Yes It Should

    As a Dj myself, I see music as an essential part of life. One might think "oh he's a dj so he wants music to be free to better further his collection." I'm going to be dead honest, thats part of it. The other part is that music labels, artists and their connections are so greedy. I'm very lucky to say that my 2 sisters and I all attend a private school and costs isn't an issue we see quite often; but to charge $2 for a tiny music file is just ridiculous. Let me put something into perspective, Justin Bieber makes almost $50 million dollars per concert. If he makes his music free, more people will listen and more people will attend his concerts making up for lost money through the music.

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  • Would you go to work for free?

    Many use the argument that music should be free because it is for the betterment and enjoyment of all. According to that logic, should not a doctor, sanitation worker, farmer or construction worker offer their services for free for the betterment of society? Would you go to the office everyday on your own dime without compensation? Never in a million years - even clergy get paid. Many also argue that enjoyable work shouldn't pay anything as those that have to perform less pleasant work should be compensated for the misery they must endure. Contrary to the understanding of many, studio sessions are not social jam sessions; certainly the hundreds (if not thousands) of hours I have spent editing and mixing in the studio late into the night do not qualify as play time. I actually don't mind if people choose to steal music; it is not for me to regulate or worry about. All I request is that such individuals have the courage and integrity to name themselves for what they are; a thief. But I know that is asking the impossible because it is against human nature to recognize or admit such a truth.

  • Not fair to the artist.

    When you work in an intellectual property type job, all you have to sell is your time. Many people have expended a large amount of time and money to produce something for your entertainment. They need compensation for their efforts. The way they do this is by selling you access to their intellectual property. For the small sum of $1-$2 you have the legal right to use their intellectual property for your own enjoyment. If this was not the case people would not produce their music because there would be no renumeration for doing so and they would have to find employment doing something else.

  • Of course not

    A lot of people work very hard to produce the music. The singers, the musical instrument players, the song writers and the recording studios. Why should they give their work away for free. It's like telling and author to write a book and then insisting they give it away and make no money on it. The money paid for the music is the livelihood of these people.

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