• Hear Me Out

    I'm an artistic person myself, so I can understand why people would want to ensure people are getting paid for their work. At the same time, however, consider things like borrowing music from friends, which would undoubtedly have been done in the past. Or perhaps radio play. You're essentially hearing some music for free, and from that you can formulate your own opinion on the work without having to pay for the music. Technically it might count as a loss of a sale, but if you can gain a sale from someone who likes what they downloaded and want to support you, then to me that's worth it. Because people are going to pirate whether you want them to or not, that's just the way things go. Things like free Spotify help combat that but I think the best option is to make music free.

  • I already do it. . .

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  • WHERE ARE THE Pirates?

    Piracy is dead. Pirates no longer sail the seas. It does not have to be illegal if there are no more pirates. Common Sense. Tgere a re e s ew a e g s f a g s gr d dr dz df tdr s g z vs sd Words

  • Continue to be Illegal

    We all would appreciate and love a world where everything is free, but digital piracy should continue to be illegal. Those who produce music, movies, or media expect to have profit from what they have made because it’s work they’ve accomplished.
    Illegal downloads and streaming may be lessened if media (movies) and music weren’t as pricey.

  • Money Profit Jobs

    Digital piracy should be illegal because it is unfair to be able to access everything for free when producers of music and movies should profit from their work. If digital piracy is illegal then producers will gain more money to hire more employees. This increases job availability and lowers unemployment rates.

  • The New Plagiarism

    I believe that digital piracy should not be legal because, in the world surrounded and indulged in technology, information should not be leaked unless permitted. It the equivalence of plagiarism in the social media era where information is taken and leaked to make it seem like it is their own original work.

  • Affects Music Sales

    Digital piracy has been an ongoing issue in the entertainment business as music is constantly streamed and leaked illegally, in which may affect the certain artist"s music sales. In a study conducted by Economics specialist Robert G. Hammond, he finds that the elasticity of sales with respect to illegal downloads is one-tenth of one percentage point, using within-album variation in illegal downloads and sales. However, the discovery that file sharing is not harmful to individual music artists is "not inconsistent with the well-documented fact that file sharing is harmful to the music industry (the fallacy of composition)."

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