• We must do something

    Given the recent terror attacks in Paris, my view on how to deal with ISIS has changed. Until now, I was against direct intervention, but yesterday's massacre in Paris modified my position. At first, ISIS' activities were limited to the Middle East, but yesterday they directly assaulted a Western nation. ISIS has given up its right to be protected by behaving inhumanely. But in order to eradicate these extremists, we need proper intelligence.

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  • If you mean ground involvement by "direct attack" I should say no!

    ISIS sells oil and goods to Turkey and other countries easily without any serious sanctions!

    Syrian rebels have weapon support from USA and Europe and Saudi Arabia. These rebels have weapon trade with ISIS when they are in emergencies! How do you think ISIS gains so many modern weapons?

    The best way to fight with ISIS is not to help Syrian rebels and is to put heavy sanctions on the countries which import ISIS's oil. The two solutions brake ISIS's back.

    Westerns ground involvement is NOT recommended as it's not welcome by Middle Eastern people.

  • No we shouldn't

    Throughout the past several decades American involvement in the Middle East has only made things worse, even just training and supplying. More violence means more people hate the United States and more terrorists. It's what ISIS wants. They want us to attack them and kill civilians so they get more support. Instead we should take a minor role like being humanitarian and maybe assisting the Kurds with money and perhaps airstrikes.

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