• How dare they be retarded!

    Disabled people suck on our tax, They take but they do not give. They have no rights in this world. It is wrong and sinful to let them live! The world would be a much better place without them. Annihilating the disabled will improve our economy, Put an end to overpopulation, And give us better political leaders.

  • I have to say yes and no but i will post in the yes

    I understand that morally, It would be increadibly wrong since it is also a human life, And all life is important. But they are using million upon millions of tax payers dollars for nothing in return. They can't keep jobs, Can't support themselves, And most don't even reilize what consiousness is. Lots of disabled people (and I'm not speaking about like amputations im talking about those who are brain disabled) They use our resources and money and clothing and what not, And don't give anything back to the economy. Economically speaking, It would benefit to put them down since they can't live a normal life or benefit the lives of others. Morally speaking, We will leave them alive since they too are human lives.

  • They are a waste

    These people may have a life and a soul, But they will never be a productive member of society. Their entire lives they will be using government funds, Taking tax payer dollars and not give anything in return. They won't be able to function a normal life, And should be put down. We put down dogs that have issues because we beleive they won't have a happy or functioning life. But because they are humans we don't because of moral. These people will only take more and more money and tax payers dollars and that shouldnt be tollerated.

  • That is completely immoral

    Disability is a vague term. It could cover anything from mild autism to a complete vegetative state. For the time being we hold the sanctity of human life above all else and only deprive people of it for the most heinous of crimes. Only an individual at the height of arrogance can look at another human being and assume their life is worth more than that of another person. It is immature, Selfish, And callous.

  • We are Civil Yes?

    No one should ever consider putting a disabled person to "death" because every human has a soul. It is very unwitty and pretty much a blasphemy to consider that humans should be pushed around like animals let alone be killed off. We have to build new infrastructure for these people so they can be involved (being the key word) in what a normal society is. (By normal I mean where people enjoy life together and share happiness whatever means necessary)

  • Lil pump is disabled and hes alive

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  • What is disabled?

    What is normal?
    Is a brain dead immature 5th grader fully able and normal?
    We all have abilities and we are all normal by virtue of our birth and life.
    If ever there was a reason why young people shouldn't be allowed to
    vote. It's because the vast majority of them don't as yet have brains that function rationally. The Hitler Youth were an extreme but poignant example of this.

  • No they should not

    They have a write to life just as much as we do we pay money for them because some people can't go earn it themselves. Many famous people are disabled. They are humans just like you or me an they should be treated as such and they do not take our taxes. We pay taxes to the government what they chose to do with it is their choice.

  • They are humans and should be treated as such

    There are many disabled people that gave humanity a new way to look at life by their findings, Like Stephen Hawking, Who had (rip) amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, He co-discovered the 4 laws of black holes. Geerat Vermeij is blind and was blind since he was 3 years old and, Without him paleontology wouldn't be the same. Charles Steinmetz, This man was born with kyphosis (a congenital curvature of the spine, But was a brilliant mathematician and electrical scientist. Hell! Even Einstein was dyslexic and so was Leonardo Da Vinci, Who was a mathematician, Scientist, Artist, Astronomer, And dozens of other things. There are so many more out there too. Anyone who says that these people should die makes me sad to think that they're wasting your healthy body and brain to make such outlandish remarks. These people worked hard to get through their difficulties and then went to help humanity and its difficulties which shows more patriotism to the human race then most people can say they have.

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