• We are all humans aren't we

    The equality act 2010 states that disabled people should be treated equally and protection from discrimination applies in amny situations such as education, Exercise of public functions, Goods, Services, Facilities and transport.
    So with all this being said i suggest you stop talking bullcrap and start treating them like they belong here, Because they do.

  • We are all equal

    I want to say this to jdeer3470 instead of writing a reply because my replys never go through, Firstly everyone is different and we get treated equally because we are human and humans are equal to one another there is no such thing as normal and also no one uses the word retarded anymore inparfrom people like you who discriminant, Even people who have high grades still struggle from time to time and will need different help from the rest of the students because no two person is the same everyone does and needs things done differently, So your telling me every human in the world shouldn't be treated equally for being different it would be pretty boring if everyone was the same, Like I said we all do things differently and need different things, You don't have to have the same things or do the same things to be equal we are equal as humans, Everybody deserves respect and equality no matter the disability, Sexuality, Gender or race, Also animals deserve equality as well as us humans because every living thing deserves rights and equality.

  • Favouritism and excuses

    I think people with ADHD and autism shout be treated the same as others because the other day kids from the school i go to. . . Go OUT of learning to do fun activities such as horse riding I don't know how that's going to help them pass their GCSE's so i think taking children out of subjects like English maths and science the core subjects in school should be banned or even illegal

    p. S.
    The school i go to is Preston Buisness and enterprise School

  • Yes yes yes

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Which was enacted in 1990, Is a landmark civil rights law. It has been called the “Bill of Rights” for persons with disabilities, Who make up approximately 20 percent of the U. S. Population. Prior to its enactment, A patchwork of federal, State, And local laws attempted to eliminate disability discrimination. That approach proved ineffective. The act prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities in employment, Public accommodations, Transportation, And telecommunications. It extends protection to any person with a physical or mental impairment that “substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of such individual. ” The act was amended in 2008 to overturn two Supreme Court decisions that limited the scope of this definition.

  • They should be 'treated' the same

    Every body should be treated the same as we are all human. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't help people both impaired or not in day to day life. Also I don't like the term able bodied as often you wouldn't know whether they had an impairment or not so how can you make this judgment. Instead we should be mindful of everybody. Some peoples requirements are so complex that some times there may have to be different options and actions in place but that does not mean we are treating them the same or valuing them any differently

    Posted by: ECT
  • Idk hi hi

    Tom Cruise graduated high school with the label of a "functional illiterate". Cruise was showing signs of a learning disability as young as elementary school. He felt like school work was much harder for him than it was for his peers. Although he loved learning, Cruise struggled so much that he physically became exhausted and overwhelmed. He was diagnosed to having dyslexia. Cruse had to leave his normal classes to to go remedial reading sessions.

  • In Their Shoes

    Think about it. How would you feel if everyone you met was a negative magnet and you were the only positive: the other magnets would move away from you. I have plenty of friends who I didn't even know had a disability. They were just extremely kind and happy people.

  • Stop the hate

    People with disabilities are no different from us. Just because a part of their body isn't working, doesn't mean that we have to be rude to them. A goof book to read id Wheels by Delwyne Stephens. He gives you a great insight of a teenager with the lose of his legs and how he feels and acts. Stop the hate guys. Its not okay. How would you feel is someone was doing it to you?

  • Yes it is unfair to them

    Some kids with disabilities want to be treated normally like my sister she goes to a normal school with normal friends so keep being fair it is nice to treat them like that and some kids make fun of them and some kids don't i know a lot of people with disabilities

  • We are all the same

    No matter what gender disability or disease how rich or how poor we all are the same people under God our fathers eyes he created us to treat each other fairly but now we have changed if you voted no i think you should rethink that because how would you feel if i treated you unfairly because you are disabled what would you do if one of your kids was born disabled or was labeled disabled during the pregnancy would you abort and commit a murder well would you just have a think about it.

  • Please stop playing pretend.

    These people are called disabled for a reason, so pretending they are the same gets us nowhere. The truth is, not everyone is equal. If you want to pretend they are "normal", then you should treat them normal fully. For example, a mentally retarded child should receive the same resources and education as an advanced student. You can't have it both ways, either treat the different or treat the same, but stop trying to spare peoples feelings and make them feel included.

  • Stop The Bull Shit

    Sure, i agree that we sould be nice an consierate, but when a disabled being decides to use their disability as tool for easy life, thats too far. For example, in 6 th grade we had a disabled kid in our class, now, he was for some reason allowed to bring a laptop to school, now thats fine, but when the spelling test comes around, THE FUCKER USES SPELLCHECK, like seriosly, he got so many god dam stickers. Any way, see what i mean, this kid used his disability as a wepon to get himself stickers and let no one else get them,

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