Should disabled people have access to all the same opportunities as able-bodied individuals?

  • Duh. It's not rocket science!

    I'm in a wheelchair and thanks to all those who agree but you're still all wrong. We can do EVERYTHING you do but not always in the same way. I've seen double amputees drive a car and I have played sport for my country. The only difference is that you don't need to hand the opportunity to us. Most of us will do it regardless of the odds.

  • Yes but there should be limits.

    I won't allow you to do something that puts you or others at risk even if the only reason it is a risk is because you are disabled. I'm sorry but I can't. Lets be honest there are things that disabled people can't do because they're disabled. Otherwise disabled people should have the same opportunities as other people.

  • Yes, I think disabled people should have access to all the same opportunities as able-bodied individuals.

    I think disabled people should have the same amount of rights and opportunities as anyone else in today's society, we should not discriminate against someone just because they may have a mental or physical disability that they have to deal with, I think we should be compassionate and fair to everyone.

  • If they can do the job.

    Yes, disabled people should have access to all the same opportunities as able-bodied individuals, because a person should be able to exercise their mind, even if there is something wrong with their body, or even if they need an extra little bit of help. However, people who want to do a certain job still have to be able to perform the essential functions of the job.

  • Disabled people are still people

    Yes, disabled persons should have access to all the same opportunities as able body individuals. If they are able to execute the task, then they should have the opportunity work in that area. There should be no blockage due to a disability. Not to mention some disabilities do not hinder a person physically.

  • Would you go in taxi that a blind person is driving😕.

    I think that all people on this planet should have the same rights as everyone, but in the case of being a disabled person there are always some disadvantages that you may face that makes your day being difficult, causing you not being able to do the same things as others

  • No, they should not.

    It isn't discrimination to acknowledge the fact that a paraplegic cannot possibly be a fireman or even a cop, unless it is some sort of desk job. I think there should be jobs for al disabled people, but some disabilities make it impossible to do certain jobs. This isn't rocket science.

  • There have to be limits

    There will always be some activities that disabled people can not do because of the physical limitations. Physical activities such as football and soccer and baseball are some things that they can not perform with the able bodied people. They can form their own leagues and groups to play activities.

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