• Disabled People- Make More Accommodations

    In my opinion, there should be more accommodations for people who have disabilities. I understand that the special olympics exists, but it is not as widely accepted and popular as it could be. I believe that there should be more opportunities such as professional sports leagues for those who are disabled.

  • Needed for emotional support

    When a disabled people can't or are not given an opportunity to participate in a sports, They can feel left out and think of themselves as a lesser being. No one should feel small or helpless in a a society. If they feel helpless, Then the society is not fit for them. The society should make changes to provide with more opportunities

  • Sort of yes.

    I'm in a wheelchair myself and I've played wheelchair basketball for the northwest of my country at 15. I think that the sports we have now are brilliant but if more could be televised instead of just the paraolympics it would be much better. So in the sense of more opportunities to be professional then yes I believe their should be. And in all honesty I love what ching wheelchair rugby and basketball because they are similar to normal rugby except we have metal to tackle. Much more exiting and fun to whatch in my opinion.

  • Disabled people should be treated the same as everyone else

    Disabled kids and adults are still people, just like you and I. They should be treated just like every one else, wth respect. Some people are so focused on winning that the don't want to take the chance and have the kid fail and the team lose. The kids feel like thy are useless when they are treated that way, especially if am adul is treating them that way. I know a girl oh doesn't have her fingers and her coach never plus her in the game it's not fair to those kids. In conclusion ALL people should be treated the same mad have the same chances as everyone else.

  • Yes, they are good for everyone.

    Those who have a disability are certainly able to do certain things with their bodies even though they may not be able to do other things. So it is wise to give them, from a young age if that is applicable, the opportunity to compete with themselves, with each other, and with the able bodied.

  • If there is opportunity for them, then yes.

    I do not see a problem with disable people having more opportunities in athletics if they are there for them. What i mean is that if it is safe and sound, and they can compete on the same level, then yes, it should be there for them. Seems fair to me.

  • I dont think so.

    They should not be in normal athletics, if that is what this question wants to know. They won't be treated normally, and they wont have many chanced to play. They need their own league, but those are often underpopulated because people with major disabilities are often a minority. Best Wishes.

  • It's fine the way it is.

    I think that disabled people have plenty of opportunities in athletics as it is. There really is not a way for us to provide an even playing field when it comes to physical athletics. Either they cannot compete with abled athletes, or their prosthetics give them unfair enhancements. They have their own leagues.

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