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  • Endangered, Protected, and Legally Obligated

    Like laws that protect tracts of land that might either harm persons on the land or that prevent issues that have been shown to directly damage the planet, it is crucial that the same legal standards around the world be used to protect disappearing (severely endangered) species and punish those that disobey the laws as well. Like the landscapes that can prove harmful to humans or harmful to the environment when not handled properly, animals are an essential part of our environment. All species on the planet contribute to the homeostasis constantly trying to be maintained by our world and the disappearance of any entire species shifts the balance immediately. Sometimes this is in a small way that eventually becomes a larger issue, but more often it is a much larger scale that is affected. Consider this; in order for these species to be endangered their homes and food supplies must be put at risk by development caused by man or other man-made issues like pollution which aren’t just affecting the survival of said species, but again taking a toll on the biggest picture there is; the survival of earth and humanity.

  • Yes: Disappearing Species Should Be Protected By International Law

    The protection of species by international law would be a good measure as a temporary stop gap to environmental destruction, as the society as a whole moves toward greater respect for the environment. This, in the end, is what is most needed: individuals who voluntarily care for the earth and understand the need for this care. Until that happens, laws need to come into play to ensure we have a habitable planet.

  • Yes, endangered species should be protected by law.

    I definitely think that animals that are disappearing in the world should be protected by international law. I think that it is up to all the nations on Earth to make sure that we do all that we can to protect all the animals in the planet. It is important to the history and culture.

  • Too much intervention.

    No, disappearing species in the world should not be protected by international law, because there would always be countries that have to bear way more of the burden than other countries. Also, it is a slippery slope. Politicians would use the laws to try to shut down industry and all kind of regulations.

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