Should discipline be part of the grading system in school?

  • It should be

    It gives children more time to study. It can help them not waste their time and be more productive. It can also lessen their burden as they won't need to study so much in a couple of days. Overall it will help them a lot in their life and teach them how to be responsible

  • They shouldn't be disciplined, but I see why people think dicipline is good.

    If you dicipline anyone at any age, no one would like it. If you were diciplined, you would probably be less confident in yourself and feel like your worthless. Dicipline isn't the right direction to go, especially for teens. Some children and teens know when they have done something wrong, you don't need to go on about it, just tell them and make sure they aknoledge they have done something wrong! Dicipline will probably make someone not want to work well.

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