Should DISH be the primary entity who determines how consumers can view their chosen media?

  • DISH to Determine Media Types

    As the provider of its service, DISH should be the primary entity who determines how consumers can view their chosen media. Expanding into new and alternative viewing methods requires the company to incur new costs. Thus, if DISH were to expand into new markets, it would have to make the decision itself.

  • No it should be the DISH

    What media or channel a customer wants to view , it is his decision to choose the same. Consumers pay for the channels they want to view and they should be the decision makers regarding the channels or media that they want to see. Hence DISH should never be the primary entity in determining how consumers can view their chosen media

  • Of course not

    When cable or satellite providers get to determine what programs are under a package or what media consumers have access to, they just create these "deals" of a few hundred channels, only a few of which actually being desired. Customers should be allowed to determin what they watch and pay for.

  • DISH wants to tell you what you should watch

    News reports have already been circulating that DISH has been messing with "package deals." To get standard packages, people have to pay large amounts of money for TV services that they don't even care about, but then if they only want one specific TV service, a customer has to pay a lot extra for it, and still pay for the other garbage they don't want to watch. Bad move DISH, people will start fleeing to your competitors.

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