• Yawn... They are getting boring

    The original shows were 👍🏾 but know dog with a blog they are talking about dogs talking. It is quite obvious that it is a fake . If you look closely you see in every episode it moves up and down.His lips don't firm and o shape when he says the letter oh. I stopped watching after the 1st episode.

  • Yes. Very badly.

    Disney REALLY needs to reboot all the shows. So far, the only good show on Disney to be honest is Gravity Falls. It actually has originality and storyline unlike all the other shows on Disney. All the shows on Disney are teen sitcoms that overuse the laugh track. Shows like K.C. Undercover, I didn't do it, Dog with a Blog, and more. They need to bring back shows like That's so Raven, Cory in the House, Kim Possible, Lilo and Stitch, and more. If they can't bring those back, they could make shows almost like them to replace them. Anyways, Gravity Falls is the only thing that makes me watch Disney.

  • Yes, there's no creativity at all

    Good Luck Charlie and Wizards of Waverly Place were great, and genuinely funny. Now we've been given this lame excuse for comedy called Dog with a Blog. Kids are smart and they know when something isn't funny, even when the canned laughter is telling them it is. I want to see more shows using clever humour from 2014, and not being patronising and cramming in loads of toilet jokes.

  • Of Course They Do

    Back in the 90s when Disney was starting out its Disney Channel, they had these awesome shows like House of Mouse and Goof Troop, even Kim Possible was good, but now, they have awful live action shows, from an ANIMATION company. They should also rethink their actors, as they can barely act, even the adults. The only saving grace from Disney is their animated show Gravity Falls now that Phineas and Ferb has fallen out of favor (at least in my opinion). They are also trying to make most of their stars into pop stars with terrible songs and giving them the perception that they can sing and be good lyricists, ie: Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. In conclusion, Disney should put more effort into their shows that will have a good audience, plot, and actors along with more ANIMATED shows. With this, they will actually get money based off of good work instead of money based off of just getting money.

  • No, Disney should not rethink its shows.

    Disney should not rethink its shows because they already work very well and are enjoyed by millions of people. Trying to rethink or change a Disney show could potentially cause harm to the Disney image and cause them to lose revenue and visitors to that particular show. So no they should not rethink their shows.

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