Should disruptive students be given punitive punshiments such as suspensions so as not to affect others.

Asked by: mrcteaches
  • Why should other students suffer at the hands of one disruptive student in a classroom

    Why is it in today's politically correct society we must all give up our rights for the rights of one student that refuses to learn or be part of the activities of a class. I have often have seen schools that refuse to suspend instead they want the student that doesn't want to be in a class stay in the class and spend his time just disrupting the learning of other. I say enough of school trying to spend wasted resources saving those that literally do not want to be saved. Help those that one to be helped.

  • Nope, it's abused and completely counter productive.

    My brother was in school and suspended at least 3-4 times a year for 3 days or more each time, for stuff not even related to academia.

    Fitting punishments are skipped over, children who can't behave or succumb to fits or extreme frustration have the police called on them, and at the first sign of provocation students are ejected from the room.

    This gives students what they want on occasion and is a general fairly good indication of how well teachers can handle the class. The fact any teacher can eject a student any time they feel like effectively is a ridiculous notion.

    I'm going to cite the clock building kid there as a clear example of how this is misused and bad for students. Disruption is woefully ambiguous and can mean anything to certain people.

    Students who are intent on preventing the teacher from doing their job, but I would think they don't want to be in school. Ejecting them from class and giving them exactly what they want seems counter productive to get them to behave.

    If we define disruptive as most school officials seem to, absolutely not. But you have to be able to make your classroom civil, and there's tons of ways to do that. It's part of being a teacher.

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