Should distance learning in higher education be promoted?

  • Earn While you Learn

    In india 60% population belong to lower middle class and below, it is very difficult to families to spend on UG + PG education. Many students are on working during or after Graduation and they are helping family. If systematic approved distance education is given to such student it will be additional tool for them to get good earning job. I recommend distance learning through reputed university with sincerity as many UG students will be motivated to do higher studies.

  • Yes, for part of a degree.

    As long as distance learning has a component of active class participation whether on line or in person, then it should be encouraged. What should not happen is that a whole degree is earned in solitude with online resources but no testing of one's ideas in the larger environment of academia.

  • Yes, for part of the degree.

    Distance learning is a great way for students to be able to work and maintain a home life as they go to college to learn. However, it should not comprise the totality of a college experience. There is nothing like having to sit and discuss with actual people the ideas of the course; however, real time class situations can be included in the online program making it better.

  • Distance learning in higher education should be promoted.

    Distance learning in higher education should be promoted. Distance learning is the use of computers to take classes online where the students are usually not in the same location as everyone else. This benefits everyone as they can remain at home or their work and complete the studies there. There are a lot of advantages to this.

  • Distance Learning Beneficial

    Without a doubt, higher education should promote distance learning. The benefits of a properly handled distance learning program speak for themselves. A person can acquire their degree from anywhere in the world. However, these programs should be properly audited to ensure that they're provided a comparable education to a traditional program.

  • No, the classroom is important.

    No, distance learning in higher education should not be promoted, because there is something lost when students and teachers are not facing each other in the classroom. Students will take a class more seriously if they have to attend in person. They can form a community with other students and take notes from each other. It is also hard to give a speech to an online class. Classrooms foster better learning.

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