• Yes they should

    There is a great debate that has been going on about weather or not college athletes should get paid. I personally believe that they should be getting paid. I believe this because the NCAA is making billions off of them, their name is being sold, they are not amateurs, they do not have time to get another job, and they are risking injuries.

    Firstly, the NCAA is making billions of dollars because of their skill, and the players are not getting one cent of it. According to USA Today, the NCAA makes six billion dollars annually. This does not include the 2.6 billion dollars cast on bets during the NCAA basketball tournament. Even the companies that broadcast the tournament make over a billion dollars off of it. Is it really fair that the players are the ones doing all of the work, but they aren't the ones getting paid?

    Secondly, the players names are being sold. The player’s names are being put into merchandise like shirts. These things are being sold with their names, and, also, usually, without permission. If it is their names, they should have the right to get some of the money from it. Also, they are being put into video games such as NCAA Basketball and NCAA football. They are not able to sell their autographs either, which are theirs.
    Also, they are not ammeters anymore. Many people argue that they should not get paid because they are still ammeters, yet this is not true. According to a study done by the NCAA, roughly forty-five percent of Americans follow college sports closely, and twenty-nine million Americans have attended a college sporting event. If almost half of America are watching college sports, than these people should not be viewed as amateurs. The athletes are generating all of revenue, and all of the viewership.

    Fourthly, they do not have time to get another job. According to thenation.Com, most college athletes spend up to sixty hours a week training, and this does not include games, and the time it takes to travel the country for those games. Because of these facts, they do not have the time to have and keep a job. Even though they have scholarships, they do not have the money to pay for necessities like food. The NCAA paying them would solve this problem because then they would not have to worry about things like this.

    Lastly, they are risking injuries every time they step on the court or field, and usually when players get injured, they get their scholarships taken away. Most scholarships are based on yearly terms, and if the athlete gets injured one year, the scholarship gets taken away for the next. Once their scholarship gets taken away, they will have to pay for college, and many people cannot afford that.

  • Division I Athletes Deserve Compensation

    Division I athletes play at a competitive level that nearly rivals that of professional athletes, yet these players receive no formal compensation. With that in mind, they deserve to get paid for their efforts at the collegiate level. Otherwise, they're glorified volunteers with only the potential dream of reaching the professional level to make an income.

  • Without the athletes there is no game

    Division I college athletes in revenue generating sports should absolutely get paid. Division I football and basketball are multi-billion dollar industries that exploit the athletes. Coaches make millions of dollars, broadcasters make millions of dollars, the schools make millions of dollars, and the athletes don't make anything. If the athletes should not get paid to play, then it is only fair that nobody else profits off their labor either.

  • They should get

    Paid because the play hard and keep their grades up to stay in the sport they play either way they should get paid. Another reason is because they play for game and for the sport so they should get paid though if they don't then less people will play it.

  • Yes! They deserve it!

    Divison I athletes should get paid because they risk their bodies every day when they step on the court or field. They risk career ending injuries such as knee, fracture, ACL, concussion. THEY DESERVE TO GET PAID! THEY DESERVE TO GET PAID! THEY DESERVE TO GET PAID! THEY DESERVE TO GET PAID!

  • Yes they should get paid

    They worked really hard to get a division 1 college and they practice every day like nba players they play as hard as nba players to so i think they should be able get some money. Because they are practiceing all time and they cant get a job to buy food so thats why i think they should get paid.

  • Yes they should get paid

    They worked really hard to get a division 1 college and they practice every day like nba players they play as hard as nba players to so i think they should be able get some money. Because they are practiceing all time and they cant get a job to buy food so thats why i think they should get paid.

  • It's pretty much their job

    Football players spend upwards of 40 hours a week practicing, viewing film, traveling, playing games, etc. Their games make a ton of money for their school and for the NCAA. How is their work any different than students with part time jobs on campus? At the end of the day, they're both putting in time and effort to help their companies make profits. I know most of them get their tuition all paid for, but if you really look at how much the NCAA makes off them, the scholarships are peanuts. The new TV deal they made with CBS for broadcasting the men's basketball tourney is close to $11 billion dollars a year. That's just the tournament, doesn't even include nationally televised regular season games, which also make bank for the NCAA. People purchase tickets and turn on their TVs to watch these athletes, how can you say they don't deserve any piece of that?

    The salt in the wound is that the NCAA prevents them from making anything on the side from TV endorsements or jersey sales.

  • Essay Yo Yo

    It is a job they have to get paidShould College athletes get paid to play? Many people think that they are just a sport or activity and they shouldn’t be paid. The question is is it an activity or a job? My opinion or belive is that they should get paid

  • Yes they should be paid.

    People argue that being a student is a full-time job. With that being said, what does that make being a student athlete. Morning lifts and conditioning, classes until 3-4 pm, practice, mandatory study hall to complete all homework and study and repeat. It is ridiculous to say no to them.

  • It would never work

    Swimmers and golfers would have to make the same amount as football players, despite football making most of the money. It would give big schools an unfair recruiting advantage because Alabama and Texas can pay tons more than the citadel and Sam Houston State. Plus, athletes already get scholarships and good educations. If they believe they aren't being treated fairly, they can go play professionally in an another country until they reach the required age of the US league, such as NBA player Brandon Jennings did. He played in Europe for a year before declaring for the NBA draft.

  • No, they are getting a free education.

    No, division 1 athletes should not get paid, because they are already getting paid in the form of a free education. Division 1 athletes are also being given the chance to prove themselves as athletes in the hopes of starting a professional career. Divison 1 athletes are already given more than enough and do not need cash compensation too.

  • College athletes should not be paid.

    College athletics should still be about college and about getting an education. Non-scholarship athletes who generate funds for colleges and universities should be given scholarships. Colleges make serious profits from jersey sales, tickets, booster gifts ect. ,and while athletes should not be paid, they should receive some benefits from what they generate for their schools.

  • No not paid but should get benefits

    Division 1 college athletes should not get paid a salary. They are at school for education and that should be the main focus. I do think they have a right to some compensation if they are making money for the school. They should be receiving their education for free, but not getting anything on top of that.

  • They Already Get Paid

    Division I athletes are already paid--it's called a scholarship. In some cases, scholarships can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over four years whether you sit on the bench your entire career or start every single game. D-I athletes get paid later on when they make more money because of the degree as oppose to being an entry-level factory worker for the next 50 years. The benefits of a college scholarship are more than worth the time athletes play a game in front of adoring fans for four years.

  • Division 1 athletes should not get paid

    Division 1 athletes should not get paid simply because athletics is and will continue to remain an extracurricular activity. Contrary to belief, it should be endorsed that until they inducted into the professional realm of sports, they still are in fact students before athletes. Until they sign a contractual agreement on the professional level, they are not entitled to any form of payment.

  • No no no

    People that are division one players don't have to pay for their education, giving them more priveleges. Also athletics is an extracuricular activity. If they are getting a free education they shouldn't get paid cause in a way they are already getting paid technically by getting a free education. They should not.

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