• Yes they should!!!!!!!!

    Because they work so long. 1.)Athletes have to wake up in the morning to lift a little, then go to class until 3 or 4 p.M., go to sports practice, go to study hall, and last finish homework or study for a test. For a little extra money they work late.

  • I think college athletes should get paid.

    The pending augment is that college athletes should or should not get paid. I believe that they should be paid because the help bring in funding,fans,and are the face of the team. They help with advertisement and still do not get a dime. Even though players may get compensated with books,lodging,and scholarships the players may need money for gas,medical or other matters out side of what the school may be giving them. They(the players) are the heart of the matter they bring in the people. There for they should get paid.

  • College athletes should not

    Why do college athletes get paid? Aren't their grades enough? They're wasting valuable time doing a meaningless activity that no one actually cares about deep down and they want to get paid for it as well? This is ludicrious. Let's stop focusing on this crap and go to things that matter.

  • It's not feasible

    With Title IX legislation it really isn't feasible to pay collegiate athletes. However the NCAA should adopt the Olympic model for their athletes. If Johnny Manziel or Jameis Winston want to sign an endorsement deal with Nike, Coca Cola etc., they should be able to without any interference from the NCAA.

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