• Love can wear thin

    Some people can do things to ruin the love beyond repair. For instance, if you cheat on someone for years, why should you two remain married? If you no longer love each other, you shouldn't be married. That is just how it is. Arranged marriages ruin lives, and forcing you to stay married would be the equivalent.

  • Misses point of marriage otherwise.

    The entire point of marriage, and the only real valid reason for actually getting married in the first place, is to join two people who love each other. If they no longer love each other, then they shouldn't be forced to remain in this arrangement, that clearly is no longer fulfilling it's intended function. Not allowing them to leave a relationship that obviously is no longer a loving or fulfilling one is, honestly, a violation of the basic rights of those involved.

  • In certain cases

    Now I am not one of those people who believe in the idea of no fault divorce in which people can divorce simply because they don't feel the love anymore (a reason why the divorce rate has gone significantly up) but there are some instances in which a divorce is needed such as when a woman is being physically assaulted by her husband.

  • Maintaining Human Dignity

    The idea that marriage should be a permanent endeavor is as outdated as arranged marriages. Even if we ignore the fact that sometimes love fades or ends, still on the table is respect to dignity. Forcing another human being to remain with someone indefinitely will only result in misery and resentment. This will lead to infidelity, and in some extreme cases, violence against the weaker partner in the marriage in which the love has long expired.

  • Why Shouldn't it Be

    To me, the whole point of marriage is the joining of two people who love each other. Marriage is a way of showing that these two people love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. But if there comes a point where they don't want to be with each other anymore, or if problems put so much stress on their marriage there has to be a divorce, then why should they not be allowed to separate?

  • Freedom of Choice

    Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes people change over time as well. People shouldn't be forced to stay with someone just because they got married and there was no way to divorce, especially if they're miserable. Being able to get a divorce is a second chance, instead of locking people into a mistake they made for the rest of their lives.

  • Divorces should be legal

    Marriages are made for the sake of living with your love ones, or in some cases to gain political or financial benefits. If the current marriage can't generate these specific goals then it loses it purpose. Thus, there is no logical reason other than guilt and stubbornness to continue this relationship. Therefore divorces should be legal in order to provide a safe way out. If it isn't legal then people will be forced to use illegal means such as murder.

    Posted by: Beam
  • Of course it should be!

    We'd be taking a step back into the dark ages if this was illegal!

    Divorces were thought up for a reason. If you are unhappy in a marriage and your partner is too (or even if they're not), you have every right to break the marriage off and go your own way. Nobody should stick at something they don't want to do or no longer have interest in - this applies to marriages also.

    Forcing an unhappy marriage to stay together is inhumane and wrong.

  • Marriage is a celebration of love

    We say that marriage is a celebration of love don't we ? Then why do we try to break the love between marriages ? People normally don't think about who they marry before they decide that they want a divorce . I think that it's very ironic the way some people think about how they want to live their lives because divorcing without thinking about your children's feelings is being vain and is what is causing major psychological problems with children nowadays.

  • The government should not interfere with marriage

    There should be no such thing as "legally married". The government has no right to interfere in religious institutions, or the personal decisions of people. It has neither the right nor the responsibility to declare people married or to declare them unmarried. Divorce and marriage are deeply personal and usually religious issues.

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