Should DMT (dimethyltryptamine) be used for cosmetic purposes?

Asked by: reece
  • Comments comes from documentaries, headlines and youtubing. Personal experiences. Cannot recall specific research material. A few years of research.

    From what I have researched. The drug is already produced by the pineal gland, so we should all be arrested right now. We have a DMT lab right in our brain. Just because people wish to enhance the effects should not be illegal. Its found to be non addictive, you do not crave more and more, no evidence of crimes being committed because of mood alteration of the drug itself, alcohol does far more damage to society as a whole then DMT could ever dream of. This drug is in a class by itself, not a hallucinogen, more of a third eye inhibitor or opener. It does not release endorphin's or adopamins or other feel good neurotransmitters, but allows the individual to become aware of both positive and negative outside realities already being developed without our awareness. The only laws that are broken are the ones created to control its use, no laws are broken because of its use. It does more damage through prohibition, making poor DMT, the use of other chemicals then DMT a distributing them in place of the drug. This becomes much more dangerous then to have professionals examine the drug, make it correctly and distribute it for medicinal purposes or recreational use. People should be able to expand there minds if they wish, law enforcement could find much better use of their time then chasing those for producing a drug that is already in our systems. Read David Wilcock for more info on the pineal gland has pinealocytes which are just like the cones and Rods found in the retina of the eye and is connect to the same part of the brain that our eyesight is, its called phototransduction cascade. We can see with this gland, things that our eyes cannot and because of its lack of use, we are prohibiting it from working properly. The terrible foods we are being allowed to eat are also influencing it performance. Using DMT could in fact help us become better aware of the unseen realities around us. It has become illegal because of the lack of understanding of it, then its damage it has been predicted to do. This is like arresting someone for a crime they could commit. Thank you for your time

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