• It should be legalized

    No one should be forced to live with unbearable pain if they do not want to. If a terminally ill patient, who is constantly suffer, want to end his or her life through doctor assisted suicides then they should be able to do so. It is their life, they should be able to decide how much pain they are willing to take.

  • How selfish are you?

    If a person is in a condition where they are practically guaranteed to be MISERABLE for the rest of their lives, and they just want the pain to stop, how selfish are you to force them to stay alive when they'd clearly rather end it? If someone wants to die, they should be allowed to do so. End of story.

  • Doctor-assisted suicide should be legal.

    Doctor-assisted suicide should be legal. I think that this should be up to the doctor and the patient. We should not allow the people that are terminally ill to suffer if they do not want to. I think this should be left up to the patients and the family and nobody else.

  • Let people control their exits.

    There is no doubt in my mind that doctor assisted suicide should be legal in almost all cases. If someone is suffering from a disease that cannot be cured by medical science, it is cruel to force them to ride it out to the bitter end, losing all dignity in the process.

  • If A Patient Brings It Up

    I believe that doctor-assisted suicide should be legal, in some cases. Specifically, for terminally ill patients. I believe it is inhumane to leave these people in pain, if they only have a short time left and it's even worse to continue attempting to treat the patient if all of the options are bad.

  • If it is with consent!

    With consent from the person, I think it should be. In the case where one is, say, paralysed from head to toe, the family could come in, as cruel as it sounds. If a person has a progressing disease which will result them becoming something undesirable, the option should definitely be available for them. Can anyone imagine a world where we are mute, deaf, blind, and unable to move? I think not. If someone wants to go out on their own terms then that should be assisted by doctors or similar personnel rather than having them undertake dangerous and, well, inelegant deaths like hanging. I know I would rather do that.

  • Makes People lose good years of their lives.

    Physician assisted suicide should not be legal because it makes people die too early. Also, it is not somebody's choice of when their lives will end. Their time will come but their time isn't here yet so why make it come quicker? They will lose their life on purpose. End of story.

  • Physician assisted suicide should not be legal.

    Legalizing physician assisted suicide would open the door to mandating doctors to provide assistance in suicide, going against many doctor's convictions. With the rise of government healthcare the government could choose to provide money for suicide but not treatment for the elderly or disabled. Physician assisted suicide is not dying with dignity but lying down and admitting defeat, many, many people diagnosed with conditions that provide only a few months to live have survived and thrived many years after diagnosis. It opens the door to government ordering euthanasia on babies that have disabilities which will cause to be likely not to ever contribute to society. This is a practice already in use, doctors diagnose babies with down syndrome in the womb and they are often aborted. If taken to the point of family members being able to choose their relative's fate in a vegetative state they could kill them over grudges or for something like their' life insurance benefits. This happened in the case of Terri Schiavo, who's husband ordered her starved to death. He was the beneficiary of her life insurance plan. Legalizing physician assisted suicide opens up a large number of horrible possibilities.

  • Doctor-Assisted Suicide Not Ethical

    By most measurements, doctor-assisted suicide isn't ethical, and too much room exists for corruption. Physician-assisted suicide shouldn't be legal, and no further jurisdictions should make it legal for any reason. We need to prevent doctors from taking advantage of their patients, and doing so requires keeping this act illegal for the years to come.

  • No, doctor-assisted suicide should remain illegal.

    Doctor-assisted suicide should remain illegal. There are too many ways that it could be abused if it were legal. When Dr. Jack Kevorkian started doing these in the United States, I paid attention to what the news said about his patients. Some of them were not ill enough to even consider suicide. Some may have benefited from intensive therapy. I don't think such life and death decisions should be left up to doctors, who are human and can make bad mistakes in judgment.

  • SHOULD Absolutly BE NOT!!!!!

    No, it shouldn't be legal because, yes doctors have a HUGE variety of medicines and sedating stuff but homocide is still illegal that means assisted death is still illegal. Just because doctors arepowerful with medicine doesn't mean they should help death. Hello? They are supposed to support life not death. So it has to be illegal!

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