Should doctors and nurses be required to have flu shots?

  • Yes, In The Interest of Public Health

    Doctors and nurses that deal with many patients every day should be made to get flu shots. This would reduce the risk of them carrying the flu disease from patient to patient. This is especially relevant for doctors and nurses who treat patients with compromised immune systems like cancer patients and AIDS patients.

  • Yes

    Yes, doctors and nurses should be required to get flu shots. It would probably be beneficial to public health by reducing the risk of having health care professionals acting as carriers for the flu virus. If they have to get a flu shot, it might prevent their patients from getting the flu.

  • Flu vaccines are a always based in last year's flu strains.

    The current year's flu vaccines are created based on the previous years findings: i. E. Basically a good "scientific" based guess on how flu strains will change and evolve from last year's strains to survive. We will never beat all strains of flu, Ever as they are ever changing and evolving. The human body is made to build immunities to it's environment. If the medical community continues to create vaccines and antibiotics to ease the "burden" placed on our bodies for events in which our bodies were made to create immunity to, When the time comes to fight serious disease, We'll be out of options. I refuse the flu shot for myself and family, And yes, I do work at a retirement home. As an employee to a company and a citizen of a free country, I have the right to control what o goes into my body as well as my kids'. As far as infecting residents, We are required a certain time off for infectious sickness or masks for symptoms. Have you any idea the extra ingredients used as binders in these vaccines? Thimerosal, Polysorbate,

  • Just as high a chance of getting the flu at the grocery store or church

    Nobody, in ANY profession, should be forced to inject something into their body if they don't want to. Just because your healthcare provider got the flu shot, doesn't mean you aren't going to get the flu. Are you going outside of your house (grocery store, doctor's waiting room, bank, church, etc.)? Unless you are holed up in your own house and not allowing any visitors during the flu season, your chances of being in contact with someone who is sick is guaranteed. Our bodies need to form their own immunities, not rely on a short-lived (often wrong match) flu shot. And how can the safety really be measured if it is a different formula almost every year?

  • Unsupported Benefit for Patients

    The main argument is we have to protect the patient. An healthcare workers vaccination status has in no way been shown to protect the patients. See below for the evidence. Any medical or scientific discussion should be supported by THE EVIDENCE. If you are going to force people to get shots they do not want, it should be shown there is a benefit.

    "This review does not provide reasonable evidence to support the vaccination of healthcare workers to prevent influenza in those aged 60 years or older" From the Cochrane review article "Influenza vaccination for healthcare workers who care for people aged 60 or older living in long-term care institutions." by Thomas RE, Jefferson T, Lasserson TJ,

  • No

    Doctors and nurses should not be required to have flu shots. Like other citizens and people all around the United States, doctors and nurses have a right to choose to take flu shots or not. If by any means they feel that flu shots are unnecessary then they should not take them.

  • Doctors and nurses have rights to their own bodies like everyone else

    Regardless of how important it is to protect yourself from the flu virus it should also be known that we have rights to our own bodies. Doctors and nurses are constantly in the hospitals dealing with sick patients but this doesn't mean that they should get the flu vaccine. People should have a choice as to what medicines and vaccinations they inject into their bodies. I don't think it protects other people anymore if a doctor or a nurse is required to be vaccinated as opposed to sick or well person.

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