Should Doctors and Pilots be paid 3 times more than before?

Asked by: Uomooo_Roblox
  • Yes Yes And Yes

    Doctors live 10 years shorter than other people: People think doctors live longer because doctors know about health. . . But because of high stress and less sleep, They die early. . .

    Pilots live 4 years shorter because of the height of 30, 000 feet, And high radiation in the plane. . .
    350 passengers life is in Pilots hand

  • They get paid a lot already

    Doctors and pilots make a lot money, But they sure don't know when to take breaks.
    I saw this doctor finish pulling an 18 hour shift. Instead of sleeping the dude kept working overtime. I asked him why did not he sleep instead and he insulted me by saying that only the lazy sleep.
    I mean I know doctors have to do 8+ hour surgeries and work in time for an emergency and pilots need to cross the world but they burn themselves out on purpose.
    Sleeping for 3 hours a day and working 6 days a week. They have nice houses but they do not even live in them nor do they spend time with their families.
    They dig their own grave.
    In other jobs people work hard but they do not get paid as much.
    Like policemen or scientist or other jobs. They work hard and help people but they do not get paid and do not match those salaries.
    I work in a hospital and I do not worship the doctors I see them for how they are. I do not know about pilots though.

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