Should doctors be allowed to refuse to perform abortions?

  • Absolutely they should.

    It is a physician's right to refuse any medical treatment that is not emergent. Forcing a doctor to take the life of a fetus goes against the constitutional and intrinsic right to freedom of religion. On top of that, A physician has a duty to preserve life and many doctors believe abortion violates that duty.

  • Do no harm.

    Why do people assume a refusal is based on religious principles? The Hippocratic Oath forbade abortion, euthanasia, violations of trust and body. That has been a centuries respected guide to medical ethics. Perhaps doctors find it morally repugnant, same as cutting off a healthy limb. (Which some disturbed individuals would also demand of them.)
    So, what? We know better? Those who would willingly perform abortions can always be found. But then, so can hangmen.

  • Religious Liberty is in the constitution

    Nobody should be forced to provide any non-emergency service to anyone. This applies to doctors, nurses, florists, bakers, photographers, pastors, priests, etc. No Jew should have to bake a Nazi-themed cake, no Muslim would be forced to make a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich. Everyone should be free to refuse to do things against their sincerely held religious beliefs. We have religious liberty, but not for long if things keep going the way they are going.

  • Doctor's Right to Refuse.

    While doctors are here to take care of the rest of us. Should we force them to do something they are not okay with? Would you want someone to perform a procedure (of any kind) on you if they believed it was morally/ethically/religiously wrong? I highly doubt it. Thus, abortion is no different. Doctor's should never be required to perform abortion and should never be pressured to do so or discriminated against for not wishing to perform them.

  • They should not be forced to perform abortions.

    If the doctor does not specialize in say OB-GYN or sign up to perform abortions, they should not be forced to perform abortions. If they signed up to perform abortions, then obviously they'd need to do their job or be fired. It is their right and supported by the 1st amendment.

  • Doctors should be allowed to refuse to perform abortions just as much as a woman can refuse to HAVE an abortion.

    Many people say "well if you didn't want to do abortions, why did you become a doctor?" If this were asked to men, I would reply, "I became a doctor so I could SAVE lives." But also, abortions are not all a pert of a doctor's job. A person who performs a abortions is an abortionist. If i am forced to do a procedure than is completely unnecessary or not an emergency, I have a right to refuse to perform it. Sorry women, you can't force me to do ANYTHING for you. Do you need an abortion? Don't even dare say yes because most abortion cases are reasons behind not being ready to be a parent or simply not wanting a baby both of which are not good enough reasons for killing your own child. You WANT abortion, you don't need it. Not having an abortion won't kill you- just annoy you. If you want an abortion, find another doctor that is willing to do so for you, but DON'T EVER force me to perform something I find completely immoral and unnecessary and selfish.

  • Doctors should always have the choice to perform/reject ANY elective procedure

    Being a doctor, it's my legal & ethical responsibility to save lives, stabilize a patient in an emergency, doing whatever in the best interest for the patient. But abortion, come on. How come would you argue that's it's the woman right to end her pregnancy & denying the doctor's right to refuse to do something against his beliefs/religion/culture?! Double standards here? Maybe

  • Any doctor, or person for that matter, should be allowed to choose for themselves!

    I understand that if a doctor is medically trained to do an abortion, and it IS written in their job description, then they should know what they are getting themselves into. However, if it is NOT directly related to their specific medical field, then they should definitely have a choice.
    People need to understand that doctors are people too. They should be allowed to choose if they want to perform abortions or not. If it is against their religion, then so be it. They should not be forced to do it. If you want an abortion, then go to someone that is willing to do so. A doctor should not be forced to change occupations just because they didn't what to do something against their beliefs and neither should anyone else for their beliefs (that's just plain discrimination).

  • Yes, of course.

    No doctor should be forced to perform procedures or provide advice that is against his/her moral convictions. Strange that people would require a doctor to kill a human baby - when that same doctor would be imprisoned and fined under both federal and state law for disturbing a turtle nest on the Florida beaches. Turtle-hood is recognized and protected from conception. Person-hood deserves the same respect.

  • What kind of question is that?

    It is a doctors job to save lives, not end them before they even started. I understand that some have no problems with it, but it should be the doctors decision whether or not to stop someone from living. As someone who wants to become a doctor one day, I would do anything to help someone live, but if you force me to help someone not live, you can take my license.

  • The refusal is denied

    Doctors should leave the profession if they do not want to give abortions. It is a MEDICAL practice, and doctors do it. He or she's religious beliefs should not be taken into consideration, because it is a medical practice, as I said previously, and religion needs to stay out of medicine.

  • It's NOT up to the doctors its up to the mothers!

    It shouldn't be the doctors choice whether or not a woman has a baby. No one should be forced to do anything they don't want to do. Yes, its the woman's fault for having sex, but remember we are only human. We all make mistakes in our lives and all we can do is ask for forgiveness.

  • Doctors should not be allowed to refuse to perform abortions.

    Religion and beliefs should not be relevant. When doctors apply for the area of work they are in,surely they are told what sort of tasks they will be doing. Then they may refuse to do those things and lose their job. Whether doctors agree with abortions or not,if they have taken on the job,they must perform the abortion.

  • Why Be In That Job Then?

    If the doctor does abortions then they need to do their job, instead of picking and choosing what he does and what he doesn't do. Of he will do an abortion to one child, he should be entitled to doing it to any other. Of the doctor really does not want to do it then he should leave that field and go in to another.

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