Should doctors be involved in the concealed carry permit process?

  • Yes. they should

    Isn't the whole gun nut thing about how mental health is the only issue and guns are blessed tools of justice that never hurt anybody? Okay, don't we need doctors to be involved in this then, making evaluations? People got to play it both ways here, if your excuse for guns is that the problem is messed up people, then you need to more actively pursue determining who is messed up.

  • If their specialty is mental health.

    The only doctors that should be involved in the concealed carry permit process should be those who specialize in mental health. Those who have a history with mental health issues that could lead to the endangering of other lives should not be permitted to carry a concealed weapon. I am for constitutional rights but some people are not mentally stable enough to carry guns.

  • Believe it or not, no, they shouldn't be involved.

    Doctors are here to save our lives, and I don't think they would feel comfortable carry a gun or telling someone else to carry a gun. It goes against all they believe in. Even with the case of the bomber that was brought in under cardiac arrest. The doctor had to do all he could to try and save him. I don't think a doctor would condone with people carrying guns, or carrying guns themselves.

  • No doctors should not be involved in the concealed carry process

    No, I do not think that doctors need to be involved in the conceal carry process. Doctors have enough to do in helping people survive and keep healthy, and I think that the federal government and police agents should be the only people deciding who can and cannot carry a gun.

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