• Yes

    Doctors should be based on performance just like most professionals out there are. This could include things like patient satisfaction surveys and they may be docked pay for mistakes or medical negligence. Doctors could also earn bonuses for helping patients quit smoking or things like that. It doesn't have to be anything completely controversial.

  • Yes, Doctors would Preform Better if they were Paid to Do So.

    This would create a great incentive for doctors to pay close attention to patients illnesses and not abuse the use of medications. Doctors would begin thinking more creatively and be rewarded for their enthusiasm as professionals of medicine, rather than just finding a quick fix to all ailments. I find the medical industry to be a sales pitch, rather than a true attempt to be caregivers.

  • Absolutly no !

    They should not because what if the patient dies during surgery because the disease just killed them. The doctor feels really bad, i mean really bad, they have to the tell the family of their loss and you know if they dont get paid based on skill level, they quit. That simple so my answer is NO!

  • No, They Should Not

    To pay medical professionals such as doctors based on their performance implies that a doctor only cares about money. As has been shown before, altruism does not have a price tag. A doctor often chose their profession because they wanted to help someone, not because it was their desire to become rich.

  • No, doctors should not be paid based on performance.

    I don't know how the details of how this would work except that doctors who had better records would make more money. But the problem I see is that this could result in division between people who needed health care but could not afford a lot to pay for it and people who could. Doctors whose performance was mediocre could continue to work but at less pay, and the poor people would be the ones getting that sub par care. Out of interest I looked this up on Wikipedia, and one of the points that article made was that doctors might be disinclined to take on a patient that was high risk because the results might lower their performance record. We don't need this kind of discrimination being a part of our health care system. It already is the case that highly skilled surgeons make more money, but the presumption is that when anyone goes to any doctor they should have access to as good a treatment as anyone else.

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