Should doctors do more to prevent prescription painkiller abuse?

  • Pain pill abuse

    My brother died from hydrocodone. My other brother is headed there. My son got them from a dentist. He almost died. They are too addictive. They are ruining people's lives! It's all around! It's got to stop! As long as we let the corporations rule it won't! Marijuana is the answer.

  • Too many addicts

    We live in a world today where you no longer have to look on the streets for drugs you simply have to go to your doctor with a pain whether made up or not and walk out with a prescription for opiates. The war on drugs that we are all so badly trying to fight needs to start with physicians. Put more restrictions on painkiller prescriptions

  • All doctors stop blaming painkilling drugs over the control to people.

    I want doctors not to attack destroying people to prevent painkilling drugs against the dangerous death shortly. I suggest that all doctors are very awful and careless not to pay attention their thoughts about this good health. Bullshit their fake doctors! Because they don't know to shock it against the dangerous attack. Thanks. Please let me know. You need to handle yourself to hear from me.

  • Because painkilling drugs are regulated, doctors have a responsibility to control them.

    In my opinion, I believe that doctors are often at fault for prescription painkiller abuse. Many people become dependent on regulated painkillers, because of a doctor's prescription. People trust doctors to offer them good advice, regarding their health. Many doctors are reckless with prescriptions. Also, doctors are often at fault for allowing continued abuse by providing continued prescriptions.

    Posted by: QuietWayne85
  • i also agree

    All these drugs they prescribe are just bandaids to the issue and they all leave far worse mental and physical damage in there wake then the wellness and nutrition they provide. I would trust the pharmaceutical companys if they wernt generating trillion's of dollers of revenue every year , well thats my take eat a carrot once and a while go to for walks drink lots of good stuff eat good food your body will take care of your mind

  • I agree that doctors should do more to prevent prescription pain killer abuse because doctors are legal drug dealers.

    More people are addicted to prescription drugs than illegal drugs and irresponsible doctors are to blame. Alternative therapies for pain management are rarely if ever introduced for the patients consideration. Pain meds are doled out like candy by doctors who have no interest in healing, but simply want to get rid of complaining patients as quickly as possible while collecting exorbitant fees from insurance companies. Prescription narcotics are controlled for a reason--they are just as dangerous as street drugs. Actually more so because they are legal and easier to get without the stigma attached to illicit drugs.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • Yes, because doctors are responsible for legally distributing painkillers to those who legitimately need them.

    Doctors should be more careful about who they prescribe to, with stronger penalties for doctors that are found to be supporting the "pill mills" that are responsible for so much painkiller abuse. Therapy options that do not rely on painkillers should be emphasized in rehabilitation centers. Hospitals should be able to report abuse.

    Posted by: estellitag
  • Doctors should do more to prevent to prescription painkiller abuse, because doctors have such a big influence.

    Doctors have a lot of control over painkiller abuse, because they are the ones that give people these drugs. If doctors are not very careful in who they give these drugs to, then those people will either abuse the drugs, or sell them to other people who will abuse them.

    Posted by: 5h4yGust
  • Doctors should do more to prevent precripition painkiller abuse.

    If these doctors would write a legitimate amount of painkillers these patients wouldn't become so addicted to these. I personally know someone who gets 260 painkillers a month and has never had x-rays, mri, nor a catscan. The doctor just hands out the prescriptions along with others as xanax's and muscle relaxer. And they get messed up off of them. And the sad part is MEDICAID is paying for all of this. After she gets them she resales them to family and friends. This is what our tax money is going to. supporting these drug addicts in there habits and while their addicted there also making money.

  • Doctors should do more to prevent prescription painkiller abuse by not caving into their patients.

    There are many doctors out there who are legitimate and do all that they can to prevent this. However there are also many doctors who cave into the whining and complaining of their patients. Some patients even pressure their doctors into prescribing them some painkillers. Sadly, with the number of law suits out there for silly reasons, some doctors are willing to do this to avoid any trouble for causing pain and suffering or negligence.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • No it is not their responsibility.

    Doctor's should provide the neccessary information to inform the patient to make a logic decision. If a patient finds that he/she becomes addicted to the medication for whatever reason he/she should seek counsel from their attending physician or other addiction help resources.

  • I believe doctors already do a great deal to prevent prescription painkiller abuse, and it puts an undue burden on them to add additional requirements.

    In today's health care environment, doctors are expected to do more than just provide health treatment. With the auditing procedures of prescriptions, insurance reviews and so forth, doctors are already expected to go far beyond providing health care. Adding additional requirements at the physician level is an unreasonable expectation. Most doctors already have guidelines in place to prevent as much abuse of prescription medication as possible.

    Posted by: ElfinDamien34

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