• Yes, Doctors should be allowed to prescribe contraception to underage women

    Doctors should be allowed to legally prescribe contraceptives to underage women regardless of the circumstances. Underage women need contraception, and to pretend that they do not is to avoid a serious issue based on fantasies. Doctors should be allowed to prescribe these drugs because they are essential to the rights of all women, even underage ones.

  • Contraception should be prescribed to underage women.

    Underage women are going to have sex. I had sex for the first time, and many hundreds of times, before I was of the age 18. Most people in the world have sex before they are considered adults. This is why it is important to emphasize the use of contraception for underage women, and great if doctors prescribe it.

  • Minors should have acess to Contraceptives

    Yes, Doctors should absolutely be able to prescribe contraceptives to women who are under age. Although we would like to fancy ourselves the perfect parents and with perfect children, excuse me then the question need not be asked. However, we are not perfect parents, we do not have perfect children and they will make whatever choices they feel they are ready for despite our opinion as the parent. A minor daughter should have just as much access and private access to her Doctor as her mother. If she is sexually active and wants contraceptives, its in all right her body, her choice. As long as she is freely able to discuss this issue with her Doctor, it will greatly decrease the risk of pregnancy and STD's. At least knowing as a young woman if you have parents that are not an option to talk rationally about sex with, they still have the option of having a mature and informative Doctor to discuss and advice in the matter. Ethically its not right to put the Doctor in a position that he has to "tell" on his patients because they are not "old enough" for privacy or to explore their thoughts without the parents knowledge. Some parents are not the kind to ever want to have that discussion at all.

  • Doctors should be legally allowed to prescribe contraception to underage women

    I feel that this shouldn't even be a question. People are going to have sex no matter what age they are, so not allowing doctors to give girls something that can keep them safe and prevent unwanted pregnancies is crazy. Not allowing these girls to have access to contraception is so far away from the right thing to do.

  • Yes in most cases

    I think that contraceptives to underage women is okay from a doctor. The doctor is not telling them to go have sex. The doctor is not hurting them. The doctor serves to help and keep more harm from occurring. Hopefully underage kids won't need them but if they do then the doctor should step in.

  • YES, absolutely they should.

    1) Having access to contraceptives does not mean that they will have sex. That kind of thinking is immature and irresponsible and not supported by facts.

    2) Underage people can still have sex. By underage do you mean under 18? Because 13 and 14 and 15 year olds can have sex so long as it is with people the same age as them. While not everyone agrees with this, the laws don't stop it, and they need to be educated and safe.

    3) MOST IMPORTANTLY: I assume contraceptives here refers to birth control pills. These are not only used to prevent pregnancy, but treat irregular periods, severe menstrual cramps,severe acne, etc. It is irresponsible to prohibit this medication which can be essential to some young girls' health and pain reduction because you're not educated about its use.

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